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5 smart locks to unlock new postures, flicker or the future?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-22
Dickens 'A Tale of Two Cities' has a special net celebrity saying: 'This is the best time and the worst time'-English writer Dickens described the era after the industrial revolution in this way. The development of human technology allows everyone to enjoy the beautiful life that technology brings to people and the improvement of quality of life. Take daily unlocking as an example. The emergence of smart locks is making traditional locks that require keys into history. People are gradually replacing them with smarter fingerprint locks, electronic locks, password locks and other more convenient locks. However, most families have not had time to enjoy unlocking methods such as fingerprint locks, and biometric technologies such as face recognition, voice recognition, iris recognition, and vein recognition, which are higher than fingerprints, have appeared on the market. Regarding the various unlocking new positions of the smart lock, let Fuyu Intelligence be the authoritative science popularization for you! Are these new technologies reliable? One: Face Recognition Technology Recently, face recognition technology has been applied to more and more fields, and the most familiar one is iponeX face unlocking. The face recognition technology is based on the facial features of the person, and the input face image or video stream. Firstly, judge whether there is a human face. If there is a human face, then further give the position and size of each face and the position information of each main facial organ. Based on this information, the identity features contained in each face are further extracted and compared with known faces to identify the identity of each face. Disadvantages of face recognition technology: mainstream 2D u200bu200bface recognition is easy to recognize wrong faces. Faces are dynamic. Eyes, mouths, noses, and expressions will all affect facial features. There are also Japanese make-up techniques and Korean cosmetic surgery. Magical techniques, masks, hairstyles, and optical fibers may affect facial features. As for whether it is reliable or not to look at the development of technology, I believe it will definitely be reliable in the future? For now, we need to wait and see. Two: Voice unlocking. The principle of voice recognition technology: Every sentence of yours contains physiological, psychological, and behavioral characteristics. The voice is superior to a certain rule. Voice recognition is to first record the human voice to obtain the digital sound ripple image, and compare and verify it! Defects of voice recognition: The changes in human voice volume, speed, and sound quality are easily affected by environmental noise and are difficult to accurately verify. At present, the smart lock industry is still immature. Three: Iris unlock Iris recognition principle Iris recognition is based on the iris in the eye (the circular part between the black pupil and the white sclera) for identification. The biggest advantage of iris recognition is its high stability and uniqueness. Iris recognition defect: The collection instrument is a bit big and it is not friendly to install in the smart lock. The current technology has yet to be developed. At present, smart locks rarely use this method. Four: Finger vein unlocking. Vein recognition is to illuminate the finger with a specific light to obtain the characteristic image of the vein and blood vessel. The advantage is that it only recognizes the living fingerprint with blood flow. Finger vein recognition defect: Finger vein unlocking is still a new technology, but the acquisition instrument is large in size. Now smart locks basically do not need to unlock finger veins. Five: Fingerprint recognition technology Fingerprint recognition technology collects fingerprint characteristics through optical, semiconductor electronic signal ultrasonic, temperature difference and other methods to form a fingerprint module, which is unlocked by contrast recognition! Fingerprint is currently the most widely used biometric technology, and it is also the most favored biometric technology in the smart lock industry. The advantage of fingerprint recognition is that it is safe, practical, and convenient to use. With a single finger, the door opens. Defects of fingerprint recognition: The optical fingerprint head is easy to misidentify wet, dry, light, damaged fingerprints, and it is difficult to distinguish fake fingerprints. Relatively speaking, semiconductor fingerprint technology represents the future. Summary: Compared with 'Cool Unlocking New PostureAfter all, protecting every home is the original intention and essence of the lock. Fuyu smart locks, focusing on fingerprint unlocking for many years, have a dust-free Ru0026D and production base, and use radio frequency semiconductor fingerprint sensors to ensure that each model is a 'safe and reliable smart lock'!
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