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8 tips for electronic lock maintenance to make the family safer

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-02
With the continuous development of modern society and the rapid development of science and technology, it has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. This product of fingerprint password lock, electronic fingerprint lock gradually increases, replacing the teacher's mechanical key unlocking method, becoming a This kind of modern intelligence makes it easy to go out without a key. The electronic fingerprint code lock is fully functional and convenient. It is really convenient to go out without a key. It is more and more popular. The fingerprint lock has elegant and convenient technology and intelligent technology. The main feature of the semiconductor electronic fingerprint code lock is its uniqueness and impossibility. Reproducibility, so the anti-theft performance of fingerprint locks is quite reliable. Over the past 17 years, some communities have gradually replaced electronic locks. This large real estate company uses fingerprint locks throughout the community. People still need to use electronic locks for long-term maintenance to avoid lock failures or unlock locks. Otherwise, if the failure is serious, the problem cannot be opened. The maintenance of the fingerprint lock will affect its service life, so how to maintain the fingerprint password lock product? The editor here teaches you how to maintain the fingerprint lock! 1. The fingerprint lock panel handle belongs to the main key of the switch. Everyone unlocks the lock, and the lock is not smooth. It is best to use a screwdriver to screw the screw with the lock and spray a little lubricant. 2. Regularly clean the fingerprint lock panel. It is best to wipe the fingerprint window gently with a soft cloth to remove the dust on the fingerprint window, and the recognition will be faster and better. 3. When entering the fingerprint, always open the door, gently put your finger into the center of the fingerprint window, and gently unlock it, the recognition rate of the semiconductor fingerprint lock is better. 4. Electronic lock sliding series, the handle is unlocked on the sliding cover, the strength is stable, and the use process is not smooth. It is best to find the lock oil for lubrication and maintenance. If the sliding and sliding are difficult, you can find a professional maintenance master. 5. When replacing the battery of the fingerprint lock, please pay attention to the battery and close the battery back cover. If the battery is not installed correctly after replacing the battery, the closing force will vibrate the battery back cover, and the electronic power failure will not open the door lock. 6. The fingerprint password lock restores the factory settings, you can enter the delete recovery through the menu settings, or open the battery back cover and press the delete button for 5 seconds to restore the factory 7. The ordinary fingerprint lock electronic screen or password area is a glass plate material that is easy to damage. It’s better to use acrylic sheet for high-end fingerprint lock brand. Please use ordinary 5# battery, use less than 3 months to open the door, use the brand Nanfu battery in the short-term factory. The new date fingerprint lock can lock for up to 1 year. about.
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