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A guide to avoiding pits when choosing smart locks to avoid excessive waste

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-11
Smart locks are born out of traditional locks, and have entered the public eye with smarter and more convenient features. In recent years, the market has been booming, showing a blowout trend. However, the current penetration rate of smart locks in my country is not high, and consumers are in the stage of 'outsiders watching the excitement'. Most of them judge the quality of smart locks by just a few words on the Internet, and they have spent money on functions that seem to be powerful but are actually useless. Non-living fingerprint recognition is a rogue fingerprint recognition has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, and the technology is quite mature, but there are still smart locks on the market that use 'veteran-level' optical fingerprint recognition. Optical fingerprint recognition was widely used in the early days due to its low cost and good stability. The principle is very simple, mainly using light reflection imaging to identify user fingerprints, but it also exposes a fatal flaw: optical fingerprint recognition can pass verification as long as the touch pattern is the same as the fingerprint that has been entered, and there is no 'in vivo verification' function. Features. Optical fingerprint recognition: Using the principle of light refraction and reflection, the light is emitted from the bottom to the prism and then emitted through the prism. The angle of the reflected light on the uneven lines of the fingerprint on the finger surface and the reflected light will be different. Same. The CMOS or CCD optical device will collect the image information of different brightness and darkness to complete the fingerprint collection. The biometric fingerprint recognition technology can easily identify fake fingerprints or fake fingers, completely eliminating the hidden danger of fingerprint copying and unlocking. The biometric fingerprint recognition technology is the most secure and well-known fingerprint module of Swedish FPC. At present, mainstream domestic financial institutions are using Swedish FPC solutions. Heaven and earth hooks are actually not that important. Heaven and earth hooks: ordinary locks pop up the bolts on the side of the door. On this basis, heaven and earth hooks increase the number of bolts that can be ejected above and below the door. Downward, 'Heaven and Earth Hook' got its name. As a unique anti-prying measure in our country, the Tiandi Hook is still relatively high in the market. Its role is clear at a glance. It improves safety by increasing the lock points to prevent violent prying. Then why does the heaven and earth hook become a pit? First of all, the burglary will choose technology to unlock the lock (the sound is low, and it is not easy to be discovered by others). Once the technology is unlocked, the lock points will be released at the same time. No matter how many lock points are arranged, it is useless; Can't get in'. Imagine that if there is a fire, firefighters will use violent demolition to enter forcibly (because there are sufficiently powerful tools, violent demolition is a better choice for fast speed and small casualties), but in front of the door with heaven and earth hooks, Firefighters need to break through the lock points one by one to open the door, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is reported that the relevant specifications of electronic anti-theft locks will be updated, and the configuration of the heaven and earth hook on the anti-theft door will be cancelled for fire safety. The editor believes that the current world hook should not be used as an effective security method. It is best if a smart lock can be equipped with a door with a world hook, but if the world hook cannot be used, it cannot be judged that it is not one. Put the lock. No matter how safe the mechanical structure is, it also depends on the electronic protection performance. The “small black box” means that the Tesla coil of high voltage or high magnetic field instantly penetrates the electronic components of the smart lock, causing the system to crash. Some inferior smart locks will automatically unlock after restarting by default. , So the lock body is naturally opened, even the top C-level lock cylinder is useless. The invisible part of the smart lock is also very important, and the overall electromagnetic shielding performance is better. The selection of the electromechanical structure is very important. The material of the smart lock is not only about beauty, but also about safety. However, many brands pay more attention to the consideration of cost and the difficulty of material processing, and lose their attention to safety. At present, the more high-end products in the smart lock industry will choose high-density zinc alloy as the main material, and at the same time, match the IML surface treatment process to achieve a high degree of safety and beauty. Self-service installation is equivalent to making trouble. Although the fingerprint lock comes with installation instructions, many people have no carpentry experience. Self-service installation is likely to damage the house. In fact, it is precisely because the fingerprint lock installation has a certain degree of professionalism that the service requirements are higher. Those who do not have installation and after-sales service are doing a big deal. I suggest buying smart lock brands with installation and after-sales service.
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