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A hand lock hardware factory in wenzhou Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-21
Wenzhou is the main production of various kinds of locks on hand lock hardware factory, have adornment of hand lock, safe, durable, and other advantages in one, has been more and more consumers like, went into a lot of people at home. Hold hand lock hardware factory belongs to the upstream and downstream relationships with wooden door enterprises, is also a good partner, a hand lock manufacturers provide locks for door enterprises, by the door installed on the wooden door enterprises, supporting the use. Many enterprises are looking for door of hand lock hardware factory in wenzhou, you know there are plenty of hand lock hardware factory.     Hand lock hardware factory in wenzhou, from the actual need to find the answer, such as is used in high-grade plot hardbound room project, then a hand lock class can't low, have to find the strength of manufacturers cooperation. Look at manufacturers strength, through the product quality is a very straightforward way, hold hand lock quality is good or bad, use for a period of time to know, in addition to the quality also can know where the origin is, production period and so on. So the selection of hand lock hardware factory choose products more than manufacturers, quality excellent, the other has to say.     Hand lock hardware factory in wenzhou is rich yu hardware, factory address is in wenzhou, zhejiang province, with 15, area is large, three-story building, more than 300 employees, can do production of hand lock more than 60 of the ten thousand per month, per the locks from raw material procurement to production and processing, has the strict testing process, ensure the quality in accordance with industry standards. Fu yu hardware after-sales, provide 2 years warranty.
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