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A locksmith in Shenyang

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
A so-called lock King in Shenyang was arrested recently. He himself ran a lock repair shop and was ready to eat with this technology, but he felt hard work and used it for other purposes. As the article 'locksmith's Apprentice' said, the locksmith asked his two apprentices what was in the safe. The big apprentice said that there was a lot of money, and the little apprentice said, I only cared about unlocking the lock and did not pay attention to it. Finally, the master designated the little apprentice as his successor. I can open the General door lock with a wire, just a few seconds, except for the new quantum locks, the others are no problem. This is a craft handed down from home. I also wanted to eat with this. . . . . . I pick those semi-closed, no property or security-free communities. The time is usually from nine o'clock A. M. to three o'clock P. M. , because most people in the community are at work. It is inconceivable that he does not study the art of locking at home or the art of stealing. He does not need unlocking tools to help others, but is used to steal chickens and dogs. This locksmith can be said to be self-defeating.
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