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A smart lock locks the heart of each of us-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-14
The years pass by inadvertently, and behind every rushing figure, the eyes of caring for parents are getting farther and farther away. Respect and love the old, do a filial piety, in fact, you and I can do it, but are you careful? Speaking of respecting and loving the elderly, or caring for the elderly, I am ashamed. I often think, what can I do for my parents? What kind of action can I use in exchange for the old man's comfortable smile? Parents have been busy for most of their lives and should enjoy the warmth from society and family. Most elderly people have a bad memory. What should I do if I forget to bring my key and cannot enter the house for a while? Recently, I heard this topic frequently, which is a coincidence. In the past two days, there was an old lady next to my house who forgot to bring her key into the house, and her children happened to be on a business trip. Fortunately, she was enthusiastic about her neighbors and communities. The social workers took action in time to help the elderly solve their urgent needs. In modern life, it is not only young people who need smart locks. In fact, elderly parents need them more than we do. The biggest question of the elderly is: 'Can we use this smart door lock for our age?' In order to relieve my parents' doubts, I decided to buy a 'Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock, I’m particularly satisfied. It seems that my home has been upgraded in an instant. At the same time, I also let my parents experience it in person. One-click to open the door by pressing a finger. Mom and Dad are happier as they play, and various operations are becoming more and more. The smoother, they praised the lock I bought this time, which suits them well. Parents guard us with selfless love, and we should make their lives more convenient. Fuyu's smart camera function can be seen by the elderly when they go out shopping for food or take a walk home. With family in my heart and responsibilities on my shoulders, life will be practical! The filial piety and filial piety that Chinese people often talk about has never been regulated or restricted. Everything starts from the heart! Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock is commendable! The Fuyu Filial Piety Project locates feelings and outputs warm emotions to pay attention to the contradiction between the loneliness of the elderly and the compact social life rhythm, and appeals to the society to pay attention to and accompany the elderly. It is particularly worth mentioning: For the Fuyu Filial Piety Project, for every smart lock sold, the company donates 6 yuan to the Filial Piety Fund to sponsor and support the elderly. This move has been strongly supported by the local Civil Affairs Bureau. The chairman of Fuyu Hardware said: 'The establishment of the Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock Filial Heart Fund is to educate all employees to learn how to be grateful, honor their parents, and cultivate their children's sense of responsibility and gratitude for filial piety to the elderly. I hope everyone will use the Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock as a platform. , To shoulder the filial piety of their children to their parents, always be grateful, always keep filial piety in their hearts, care for the elderly, and let parents live a happy and happy life.' Filial piety is the most beautiful scenery, and love is the most sincere help. Do your best to give your parents a guarantee of love. Join hands together to make this world full of love, let love connect to heart, love is like 'Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock'-it locks everyone's heart.
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