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About Haikou unlock small advertisement, netizens

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
Now, no matter which community, the door is full of 'lock king', these people claim to be professionals registered by the Public Security Bureau. However, looking at these advertisements that affect the environment everywhere, we have to question the quality and conduct of these 'professionals'. When a person with poor quality and conduct has mastered such special skills as opening the door to enter the room, is it possible to make use of his / her own expertise to do illegal activities, posing a threat to the personal and property safety of the residents? This kind of small advertisements are often made of self-adhesive. Once pasted, it is very difficult to remove them completely. Even if you clean them, you don't know when they will be pasted again. It's impossible to prevent when these black hands will come and post. Xiaobian hereby reminds the general public that the small advertisements at the door should be cleaned up in time to reduce the opportunities available to lawbreakers. At the same time, if conditions permit, the building doors should be closed to avoid the random access of strangers. If it is really necessary to open the lock, it is necessary to consult the public security department in advance, choose a regular and reliable lock company provided by the public security department, and do not easily believe all kinds of small advertisements in the corridor, so as to avoid 'luring into the room' and causing personal and property losses. Netizen comment: @ read this and pure X: almost all the doors in our building are covered with this kind of advertisement! @Xining locksmith: call him to clean the whole door. If you don't clean it, beat him @ Danica -- guoguoguoli: you have to be 110. What are you hesitating about? @ guaguaguagua zhoushibao: friend, think about whether you have offended anyone, for example, the decoration didn't give Qi family money. I've heard of 502 glue in the lock cylinder. If they don't solve the problem, they may wait for you to fall asleep next time. @Piano Gu zzz: now businessmen really don't know whether they are short of money or lack of heart. The door is full of colorful stickers @ allkok: NND. It has been very difficult since the door lock of these advertisers was opened @Zhou Song of perfactory: it's too much to call the police. These people just give money to others. He didn't think that one day others will do the same. It's just like a primary school student. His quality is not good. His study is not good. No wonder he can only post small advertisements on other people's doors all his life. @Shen Changmin's severe patients: can't they be poked open? If you can't, call the police and record the voice
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