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About smart locks, you need to understand these four big things

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
Don't simply catch up with the trend of intelligent door locks, but carefully understand and find intelligent lock products that really suit you. First, how is the smart lock defined? The definition given by du Niang is: intelligent lock refers to a lock that is different from traditional mechanical lock and is more intelligent in terms of user identification, safety and management, and the executive part of the lock door in the entrance guard system. Is that the most common fingerprint lock and password lock now smart lock. Not all, smart locks can include unlocking methods such as fingerprints, unlocking, Iris, etc. , but these unlocking functions must not be the only ones. The Function of replacing Keys is not smart. Because the future smart home must be interconnected, how can a single smart lock realize interconnection and remote control management? Also need to link a mobile terminal. In fact, the real intelligence in our ideal should be that even mobile terminals are not needed, and specific objects in the home can actively sense and intelligently analyze what the host's next demand action is, then prepare for the service in advance. But at present, we are still too far away from this level, but at least we can make our current life more convenient and safe. This leads to the second question. Second, why should we replace the ordinary anti-theft lock? In terms of safety, the ordinary anti-theft lock cylinder is really difficult to resist the increasingly exquisite technology' The thieves, CCTV has repeatedly exposed most of the anti-theft locks on the market can be opened in dozens of seconds, leaving no trace. The smart lock is much more difficult to break than the anti-theft lock to a certain extent. In terms of functionality, the current anti-theft lock is a locking function, but we can actually discover more uses from the door lock. For example, back up a cloud virtual key that only you can extract for the door lock, check whether the elderly and children in the home have returned home safely after going out, and alarm for abnormal home safety. In terms of convenience, almost all young people can go out without a wallet. If you bring a smart phone, it is a wallet. Similarly, since you have to bring a mobile phone, you can use a mobile phone switch lock, then why bring more keys to your home? Sometimes you can't find or lose them in a hurry when you go out. Now that you are the key, or your mobile phone is the key, it is not lighter to go out. With regard to smart locks, you need to know these four major events. Third, what are the types of smart locks at present? The types of smart locks are not very rich at present. Fingerprint combination locks and the like belong to a large category, it is also the current mainstream product type. But the biggest distinction should be whether it can be controlled by mobile terminals. It is not shown in detail here. However, there is another way to upgrade the ordinary anti-theft lock to a smart lock, that is, to use an intelligent hardware, such as millet box, to upgrade the ordinary high-definition TV to a high-definition Internet TV. The price is 1/5 of the previous type of lock, but the basic functional requirements can be realized. Fourth, what should be paid attention to when selecting smart locks? After all, smart locks are not a fully popular technology product. What should be paid attention to in the process of deciding to purchase and select? 1. The smart lock with equal emphasis on appearance and function belongs to household durable goods and is used on various doors. Therefore, the first principle of smart lock design is two words: simplicity. Many smart locks are designed to be very large, and the products are very luxurious, but once installed, they are often very abrupt and especially attractive'The eyes of the people. 2. Biometric technologies such as fingerprint smart locks need to pay attention to use safety, because the replication technology of biometric features such as fingerprints is becoming simpler and simpler. In other words, tangible encryption and decryption technology needs the support of new technologies, otherwise, its security is not necessarily reliable. 3. The material, structure and precision of the mechanical lock core need to be paid attention to. If the selected intelligent lock product has a mechanical lock core, the anti-theft performance of the mechanical lock core depends on three aspects: first, the material of the lock nail, the tougher the material, the better; The second is the structure of locking center. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages. The combination of several different structures is far better than a single structure; The third is the precision of machining. The higher the precision, the better. 4, the degree of intelligence, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, but a smart lock can achieve the switch lock, if you can connect the smart mobile device, then there will be more functions that can be realized. Not only realize the demand of unlocking, but also grasp the safety situation of the home more comprehensively and intuitively. 5, after-sales service technology, if it is a domestic smart lock, relatively fast after-sales response, but the general smart lock installation requires an appointment of professionals to come to the door, perhaps some friends in the third and fourth tier cities are not in this on-site installation service, this should be understood in advance. After-sales customer service personnel need to consider the professional technology and the feedback speed of the problem. 6, take care of the whole family use habits (Bonus items) If there are old people and children in the home who are not used to using mobile phones, inconvenient fingerprint pressing, unclear password memory, etc. , if the smart lock can also have other smart lock accessories that are convenient for the elderly to use at home, it will be a plus.
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