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Above the smart lock air outlet, who will eventually fall to death?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-01
Once upon a time, how many people also regarded smart locks as the outlet for entrepreneurship, so they all rushed into the smart lock industry, wanting to make a fortune in this newly emerging field, and let smart locks change people’s lives. See what a lofty revenge and ideal this is. 'Standing at the mouth of a typhoon, pigs can fly to the sky.' This is a golden sentence proposed by Lei Jun. It means that under the wave of the Internet, all aspects of people's lives will change accordingly, and the wealth of entrepreneurs will also be gained. Accumulate quickly. Once upon a time, how many people also regarded smart locks as the outlet for entrepreneurship, so they all rushed into the smart lock industry, wanting to make a fortune in this newly emerging field, and let smart locks change people’s lives. See what a lofty revenge and ideal this is. But, is everyone flying above this tuyere? At present, this may not be necessary, because some people have begun to feel that in the spring of the smart lock industry, there will be a gust of cold wind from time to time, because the smart lock industry speaks No amount of stories may be heard by investors, nor may they be able to raise money. When money is raised, there are only a few leading companies and some small brands with certain characteristics. In fact, tuyere theory is a speculative mentality, or it can be said that it is a gambling mentality. Of course, tuyere is also an opportunity. Most entrepreneurs use all their wealth to gamble on this tuyere, only knowing that there may be something ahead. The mine may have a chance, but once it goes wrong, or encounters a dragon wind, or it stops, it may eventually find only its own door frames and window frames. The same is true in the smart lock industry. Most people have a gambling mentality, thinking that if the market is so big, 1% is enough to eat. But after many people came in, they discovered that smart locks cost money to introduce talents, product development costs, appearance designs, molds, equipment and production lines, and channel construction costs money and promotion. It costs money, as well as after-sales service... The most important thing is that the money spent may not be earned back soon. Therefore, when most people invest money, they realize that smart locks are not an Internet industry, nor are they a fast-moving consumer goods industry such as mobile phones. The product update and iteration speed is very fast, but the market demand and user acceptance are not as good as products. Update iteratively as fast. To put it bluntly, smart locks are durable goods, users' awareness of it is not as high as expected, and it is not so easy to sell products. Therefore, wealthy companies can slowly cultivate markets and users, and do a good job in product development and production; companies with a certain scale, while developing their own brands, updating their products, and occupying the 'enclosure' through multiple channels, It also uses part of the remaining production capacity to give others to OEM; companies that do not have money will continue to fool investors' money by telling stories, and they cannot tell stories and cannot sell products, so they can only wait to die; of course some companies They can live well without money, because they are not eager for quick success and quick profit, but do things step by step according to their own plan... Even some people just think that smart locks have been hot in the past two years, so they have followed the trend. There is no research and development, no production, just take a male model back, purchase different parts and assemble it, and finally put your own LOGO on it and become your own product; some people just find a foundry, what other products do others have What kind of product is needed, and the product that the foundry gave him may have been given to others, so the homogeneity of the entire industry is very serious; some people directly copy and copy. These phenomena have led to insufficient supply of good products in the smart lock industry, and overcapacity of low-quality and homogeneous products. People who gambled with a speculative mentality finally realized that the smart lock industry was not working, and they had to do Ru0026D, product and service in a down-to-earth manner. Even if many people know this truth, they still only want to make quick money, so in the end the product is not easy to sell. Then start a price war. The big brands sell for two to three thousand, and they only sell two to three hundred, which seriously disrupts the industry. Order, so this is also one of the reasons why there are more and more cheap smart locks on Pinduoduo. The reason why the pig can fly above the wind vent is because of the strong wind. After the wind passes, it is naturally the pig who falls to death. In addition to the death of the pig, there is a destiny that is ultimately unable to escape being slaughtered. According to statistics, the average lifespan of Chinese companies is only 2.9 years, and how many companies in the smart lock industry will survive this deadline? If you just want to be a pig above the outlet, it is estimated that it will be difficult to survive 2019, because more than 90% in 2018 Of companies have not made any money. When dealers and agents choose a brand, they must also choose some smart lock companies that want to do practical things and want long-term development.
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