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Access control and anti-theft knowledge in smart home security

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
Home security has been talked about for many years, but all people have a clear definition of home security, which is also an important reason why China's home security market has not prospered. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many families still stay in modern luxury decoration for modern home life, and the concept of home intelligent security has not been fully accepted by ordinary families, people's understanding of home safety is still in the anti-theft aspect. The so-called Home Security in home security mainly includes two different security objects, the first is the safety of personal and family property, and the second is the safety of home equipment. When people mention the safety of home, the former is the most talked about, but the latter has not received much attention. However, it is precisely these neglected parts that are often important links in danger. The perfect family security function is actually to connect the family control equipment to the alarm facilities, so as to realize the functions of timely alarm, rescue and protection for theft, robbery and emergencies of illegal intrusion. From the functional subdivision, it can also be divided into visual intercom, perimeter prevention, home safety, emergency help, wireless alarm, sound and light alarm, anti-hijacking alarm, etc. The home security alarm includes anti-theft alarm, fire alarm and gas leak alarm. All safety detection devices in the home, such as fire fighting (Smoke, gas leak alarm, etc), Anti-theft class ( Door magnet, window magnet, various monitors, anti-theft curtain, emergency distress button, etc) , Are connected to the home intelligent terminal to monitor its status. When an alarm occurs, the home intelligent terminal will perform various operations according to the settings, including starting the alarm bell and linkage equipment and dialing the set Alarm Phone. If connected to the Community system, the alarm can also be sent to the community monitoring server at the same time. When it comes to home security, access control should be regarded as the most important part. A good access control device is very important for home security protection. In the process of constantly updating access control products, many manufacturers have gradually diversified the functions of entrance guard. For example, many products have now connected the entrance guard with the community security system, using a control platform to control the safety of the whole community, no matter which family is in trouble, as long as a button, the police can be transmitted to the community, and some can be directly transmitted to the Public Security Department through the network. The alarm speed is improved, and the loss caused by family infringement is minimized. With the continuous updating of science and technology, the current concept of home security has gradually shifted from the original simple individual protection to multimedia and Internet protection. No matter under what circumstances, danger occurs, the system can automatically issue an alarm. The safety factor of the home is greatly improved. Understanding biometric technology is based on the biological characteristics of the human body, which is different for everyone, unchanged for life, and carried with you' The characteristics of the, the use of biological characteristics or behavioral characteristics of personal identification technology. There are two types of biological identification ,(1) Biological characteristics: fingerprint, face shape, palmprint, Iris, retina, pulse, auricle; (2) Behavioral characteristics: signature, sound, Button strength, etc. Fingerprint identification technology is the most mature branch of biometric identification technology and the most widely used technology. Fingerprint identification has a long history as an identification technology and has a solid market backing. According to the method of taking ordinary people, fingerprint identification technology analyzes the global characteristics and local characteristics of fingerprints, characteristic points such as Crest, Valley and end point, bifurcation point or divergence point, the characteristic value extracted from fingerprint can confirm a person's identity through fingerprint in great detail and reliably. On average, each fingerprint has several unique and measurable feature points, and each feature point has about seven feature indicators, so that our fingers produce at least 4900 independently measurable feature points; This is enough to confirm whether fingerprint identification is a more reliable identification method. For many years, human beings have been making unremitting efforts for the commercialization of fingerprint identification technology by using the latest technical means they have mastered. Since 1970s, with the development of computer technology and the maturity of CCD image acquisition technology, commercialized fingerprint detectors began to appear. Since the 2000 s, with the innovation of the global information industry, fingerprint identification technology has reached a higher level and is widely used in civil and industrial markets. «1 2»
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