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According to the 'warning of the General Administration of market supervision on the quality and safety of smart door locks', this article understands how to choose intelligence?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-25
As a popular smart home product, smart lock has many brands and complicated information. Most people do not know how to choose it. Recently, on the basis of a large number of market research and professional tests, the General Administration of market supervision issued the 'warning of the General Administration of market supervision on the quality and safety of intelligent door locks' (Hereinafter referred to as 'warning') It is objective and fair, which greatly facilitates everyone to make purchase choices. In combination with the 'warning', we will explain to you how to choose the smart lock. Try to stay away from remote unlocking, temporarily stay away from face recognition. Direct remote unlocking is easy to cause accidental opening, and hackers with vulnerabilities are easy to invade. At present, there are few big brands on the market that have this problem, but there are still many brands that have this kind of safety hazard and need to be carefully selected. Face recognition technology has been applied to intelligent locks. Because the technology is not yet mature, such technologies have high security risks. The General Administration of market supervision reminds consumers not to use or turn off the face recognition function as much as possible. Abandoning the previous generation of products that can be unlocked with cards, the backward unsafe market supervision bureau pointed out that there are many hidden dangers in the identification and unlocking of induction cards, which will cause family safety problems once the cards are lost or the card information is leaked. When using the intelligent door lock with the information identification card unlocking function, the information identification card should be properly kept in daily use to prevent illegal reading and copying. The identification function of induction card uses magnetic card as the key to open the door, which is efficient and energy-saving, flexible and convenient to operate and easy to manage. Early smart locks, such as most hotels, used door cards, which are no longer recommended. At present, there are such functions on the market as Luo * s smart lock DD4, Kaidi * smart lock K8, etc. , propaganda with magnetic card unlocking function, or there are similar hidden dangers. Fingerprint identification and password unlocking keep hidden dangers. The General Administration of market supervision should remember how to use it. When using the digital password unlocking function, it is recommended that users set more than 6 digital passwords, do not use consecutive numbers or passwords of the same number. When using the intelligent door lock with fingerprint identification function, attention should be paid to whether the fingerprint identification module has residual foreign matter or physical damage in daily use. If any abnormality is found in the fingerprint identification module, the fingerprint identification function should be stopped immediately and the production enterprise should be contacted to solve the problem. At present, the popular virtual password on the market, that is, the input number contains a continuous correct password to open the door, the correct password is easily hidden in the virtual password, safe and anti-peep. At present, most well-known brands of smart locks have such functions. The important question is said three times: do not choose a miscellaneous card, the General Administration of market supervision said, try to choose a large store with good reputation to buy, pay attention to check whether the certificates and information such as product instruction manual, factory name and address, supplier address and phone number, warranty form are complete, and ask the merchant for valid certificates such as invoices when purchasing. When purchasing through the network platform, try to choose the official website of the production enterprise or the official flagship store of the online shopping platform to purchase. Smart locks involve family personal and property safety, and try to choose reliable brands. Some of the above-mentioned problems will definitely not happen to real big brands, only Miscellaneous Brands and fake big brands. And remember, big brands have after-sales, small brands have to rely on themselves, and some Internet Brands, take money, financing, cash, corporate life cycle is very short, who are we looking? In a word, there are security risks, don't believe in advertising, listen to the General Administration of market supervision should be right.
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