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ACS new APC200 contact smart card door lock (Figure)

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
September 13, 2007, Hong Kong ACS--Longjie Smart Card Co. , Ltd ( Hong Kong stock exchange listing number: 8210, the Asia-Pacific region's number one supplier of connected smart card readers, source: Frost &Sullivan) Announced that APC200 contact smart card door lock series will now enter the world door lock market. APC200 contact smart card door lock APC200 contact smart card door lock series includes high-quality and durable contact smart card door lock and door lock management system, which can be widely used in offices, hotels, residences and other places. In addition, it also uses a smart card, the safest key, to open the door lock by inserting the card. This series is compatible with the SLE5542 memory card. The encryption chip is selected in the card, which eliminates the phenomenon of copying and illegally opening the door lock. The anti-counterfeiting is extremely high, safe and reliable, and the cost is relatively low. APC200 contact smart card door lock APC200 test package provides all the resources required for door lock application and development, including contact smart card door lock, card issuing machine, sample card, CD with hotel management software and IC door lock recording software- ROM is suitable for developers of different technical levels, from beginners to experienced developers.
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