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Adhere to real materials, Fuyu Hardware uses ingenuity to create excellent smart lock quality

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-01
For any product, if you want to develop, you must have a user base; if a brand wants to be long-term, you must start from the consumer's point of view and create excellent products with ingenuity. As a precision manufacturing enterprise in China's smart lock industry, Fuyu Hardware has always insisted on using real materials for more than 30 years to create safe and durable hardware door locks for consumers. Because smart locks get rid of the shackles of keys and convenient application experience, they are deeply loved by consumers. However, due to the current high price of smart locks, consumption power is insufficient. In order to quickly occupy the smart lock market, some online merchants have low prices to attract consumers' attention. They cut corners and cut corners, rough workmanship, and find small factories to process on behalf of them. In the end, they hurt the interests of consumers. . As the earliest hardware door lock manufacturer in China, Fuyu Hardware has been in the industry for 38 years. For more than 30 years, Fuyu has been serving many well-known brands in the world including ASSA ABLOY, Yale, ERA, FABu0026FIX, TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, IKEA, etc. For the modern door lock industry, Fuyu Hardware believes that the most important thing is to return smart door locks to security and anti-theft, while being smart, convenient, and attractive. It should not over-enhance convenience, speed and appearance, and deviate from the ultimate goal of security, anti-theft, and high-quality door locks. First of all, the first step to judge the quality of a smart lock is to look at the material. At present, the door lock materials mainly include stainless steel, copper, iron, zinc alloy, and aluminum alloy. Among them, zinc alloy is the most widely used material for smart locks on the market, but do not think that the quality of the raw material is zinc alloy. The difference in the quality of raw materials directly determines the service life and quality of the product. Some manufacturers buy zinc slag in order to save costs, and the raw material zinc alloy used by Fuyu Hardware Locks needs to be tested by laboratory spectroscopy to ensure that each product material meets national standards, and never cut corners or shoddy. Fuyu raw material testing equipment: spectrum detection Fuyu uses the raw material zinc alloy zinc alloy raw materials used by other manufacturers. Secondly, look at the surface treatment of the lock. After the lock material is formed by die-casting, it must be surface treated after it becomes the lock shell. For example, the zinc alloy itself has poor anti-corrosion ability, and the zinc alloy is not subjected to surface treatment and is easily oxidized. Generally, surface treatments such as electroplating, spraying, and electrophoresis are required. Through the surface treatment, a tight protective film can be formed on the outside to play the role of anti-corrosion and rust prevention, which can make the lock more beautiful and durable. The surface of Fuyu smart lock products is treated with seven-layer electroplating process technology to ensure that the texture and corrosion resistance are extremely strong, and the long-lasting bright as new. The fully automatic electroplating assembly line imported from abroad by Fuyu Hardware is operated by senior electroplaters. The production management is unified and standardized, the production efficiency is efficient and stable, the electroplating level leads the industry, and the product quality is first-class and stable. The modern automatic electrophoresis assembly line adopts the world's latest surface treatment technology, which is of high quality and highly environmentally friendly. The modern PVD vacuum coating line makes the surface of the product healthy and safe, with rich colors, and can achieve a variety of special coatings such as titanium and zirconium plating, making the product performance even better. Third, look at the lock body and the lock cylinder. The lock body is an important part of the smart fingerprint lock. The anti-theft performance mainly depends on the quality of the lock body and the level of the lock cylinder. Fuyu smart lock adopts 304 pure stainless steel lock body, which is as solid as a rock. With super B-class lock core, the anti-technical opening time takes 270 minutes. It is worth reminding that some fingerprint lock factories save costs and use fake mortises to prevent theft. Fourth, look at fingerprint recognition technology. At present, the fingerprint recognition technology of smart locks on the market generally uses semiconductor fingerprint heads and optical fingerprint heads. The cost of semiconductor fingerprint heads is better than optics, and the fingerprint recognition module is faster than optics, and only recognizes live fingerprints, which has good security and anti-theft performance. Fuyu smart lock adopts imported semiconductor fingerprint chip, which is a fingerprint recognition with self-learning ability. The more accurate the recognition, the faster the response and the better the security.
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