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Advantages intelligent door lock internal and external repair to achieve the fastest 0. 3 seconds to unlock

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
With the development of science and technology, intelligent life is gradually recognized by people. As an entry-level product of smart home, smart door locks have emerged in an endless stream of identification technologies in recent years, such as voice identification and fingerprint identification. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, the design of smart door locks will become more and more humanized. Not long ago, merit technology and Hammer released three smart door locks: merit smart door locks--E1, C1, C1N. It is reported that the advantage intelligent door lock is matched with the highest-level C- class lock cylinder in the industry. The product chip adopts Swedish FPC and supports various unlocking methods including fingerprints, passwords and bracelets, which can realize 0. Open the door in 3 seconds. It supports virtual passwords and temporary passwords, and can remotely view all unlocking records, which is convenient and safe. As the main product of this release, smart door lock E1 has a variety of unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, credit card, mobile phone app, mechanical key, smart bracelet. These rich unlocking methods are enough to cope with the common opening scenes in life, such as decoration workers, nanny housekeeping, short-lived relatives, and no one at home. Advantages: the intelligent door lock E1 is internally integrated with a Swedish FPC sensor and a semiconductor fingerprint module, equipped with a self-learning algorithm, and supports a variety of unlocking methods for millisecond-level rapid response. Fingerprint unlocking is 0. The success rate of 3 seconds/time can reach 99. 9%. (Advantages intelligent door lock E1) In addition, the advantages of the other two products of the smart door lock brand, the advantages of the smart door lock C1 adopts an integrated slide design to protect the fingerprint identification module from sunlight and dust. C1 is equipped with high-quality hardware configuration, software service and price advantage, and is a smart lock with high cost performance. Advantages intelligent door lock C1N is a high-tech inner door lock released this time. It has no lock cylinder. It is light and thin in appearance and heavy in inside. The split design makes installation easier. The C1N has a calm appearance and retains the mechanical texture when unlocking, which is both stylish and quality. Advantages intelligent door lock integrates high-quality technology and advanced technology, and has won the favor of many consumers once it is listed. In terms of installation and after-sales service, merit technology has 330 service outlets and 5500 professional installers in cities across the country, bringing high-quality use experience and life experience to users.
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