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After the 'tin foil unlock' incident, the merchant said that the lock was re-graded

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-16
2011-12- 15 Source: beiqing. com Browse: 741 comment: 0 Core tip: a few days ago, the media reported 'tin foil unlocking. Recently, the reporter found in the investigation that with the spread of 'Tin paper Unlocking', more and more lock sellers began to 'hype' the classification of locks, even some merchants have proposed the 'Super Super B- level lock' gimmick. In fact, although the country has issued the 'public safety industry standard for mechanical anti-theft locks of the People's Republic of China' in 1994, there is a chaos of lock classification in today's lock market. However, consumers have become muddlers in it: they do not know the grading and do not know which level of locks is suitable for their own use. Super Super B lock in the market? Haven't you seen the tin foil unlock on TV? You can open the door in three seconds. The first three lock cylinders just introduced to you can't prevent this kind of unlocking technology at all. Only Super B level can prevent it. When the reporter called the Li Wen suocheng head office the day before yesterday, a salesperson introduced the Super B- class lock to the reporter. The salesperson said that in addition to the-Class, B- class and super-B-Class on the market, they also have super-B-Class, which is imported from Israel, the price is about 700 yuan to 800 yuan, and the better price is 1250 yuan. In a Li wensuocheng near Yuquanying, the clerk said that it was different from the previous salesperson. He told reporters that there is only one lock imported from Israel on the market, but it is only Super B in terms of level. Subsequently, the reporter saw the outer packaging of the lock. In addition to the Chinese trademark of the product, the blue packaging did not write the so-called Super B- class. A professional technician in the lock city said that the mechanical lock cylinder is only A- Class and B- Class. The so-called Super B- class is actually B- class, but it is only the European standard B- class, it was imported from Israel. In addition, there is a C- class lock cylinder for electronic locks. The classification of household locks is also chaotic. China issued the 'public safety industry standard for mechanical anti-theft locks of the People's Republic of China' in 1994 (GAT73-1994). At present, China's anti-theft lock standards mainly include industry standards and enterprise standards. According to China's locks, they are divided into ordinary protection levels according to their anti-theft capabilities (Represented by the letter A)And high protection level (Represented by the letter B). The reporter found that the so-called Super B- class Israeli import lock, its Chinese agent company Shenzhen changen Industrial Co. , Ltd. in 2008 formulated the highest level of domestic anti-theft lock enterprise technical standard 'Mul-T- Lock model DI Le high protection level anti-theft Lock enterprise technical standard (Q/CE/T08-2008), The product level is set to high protection level (Represented by the letter B). In fact, during the reporter's visit, many merchants were found to be in a state of confusion about the lock level and its anti-theft effect. In a hardware store in lanjingli's home in Dazhong Temple, the owner told reporters that the B- class lock cylinder is already very good. However, some community service stations and professional lock changing companies, when it comes to replacing the lock cylinder of the door lock, the staff first ask what the size is and what the key looks like. A staff member who changed the lock said that their lock cylinders are not divided. The key is to see what your lock looks like and what kind of lock cylinder you want. The public is very confused about buying locks. The staff of a professional lock changing company said that the average person would not ask about the level of anti-theft locks. Most of the locks used to be Class A locks, now there are B- level and super-B-level. In the community, most residents seem to know nothing about the lock level. Can be used, who knows what level. The 60-year-old uncle Li said that he knew that these levels could not be remembered. If he could not tell, it would be better to enforce the use of one, which one is most useful. Mr. Liu, a customer who plans to buy a lock, said that he bought the lock by the merchant's recommendation. What is expensive to buy, you have to be insured for this kind of thing. He believes that the merchant should post the level of the lock and the introduction of the corresponding lock in a conspicuous place, so that the customer can also refer to the lock. Label: Super Super B lock Li Wen lock City lock core changen industry
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