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All kinds of helplessness of door-to-door service

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-25
The key only feels useful when it touches the lock. Only when the lock meets the key can it be poked! When unlocking the company's door-to-door service, there will always be various difficulties for customers. For example: when the lock is opened, the customers will say: you are really good! Tall man! If the lock is not opened, the customer will say: what about your master? Didn't he teach you? You really can't. Before opening, the customer also said: more money is OK, as long as opening; when giving money. The customer will say: it's too simple, so expensive. After a long time, the customer will say: can I open it? Don't break the lock! The driving time is short. The customer will say: it's really fast. Do you still need to collect money? The neighbor poked out his head and said in a sarcastic way: you're going to be a thief, and you've been caught! The aunt said behind the back: thieves unlock faster than you, Hainan master Huang 24-hour door-to-door service unlock 666119
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