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Although the body is small, the smart lock is in the initial stage of the start

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-20
With the vigorous promotion of shared bicycles, smart locks are also known to more and more people, and home smart locks are accepted and appreciated by more and more people, virtually promoting the development of the entire home smart door lock field. At present, not only are high-end brands such as Romans and Yale playing well in the smart lock industry, but also home appliance giants such as Haier and Skyworth have begun to test the water and compete for the rapid growth of the smart lock industry, this means that the huge market potential of smart locks in China is being pried open. One gate, two worlds. Outside the gate is an unpredictable red sea of hardware; In the gate is a safe and intelligent comfortable space. Connecting the inside and outside of the gate is a small smart lock, which is becoming the smallest but most powerful tuyere to build the entire smart home industry. In recent years, electronic locks, which are widely used in public housing such as hotels and dormitories, have become smart locks as smart appliances and smart homes have changed from concepts to products and trends. However, whether the smart lock can catch the smart home train depends on the construction of the entire Internet of Things system, which requires data sharing and interconnection of Home Appliance Manufacturers. In fact, the electronic lock belongs to a kind of intelligent lock, and the difference lies in the identification medium. At present, most intelligent locks in the market use card reading, fingerprint and face recognition as Recognition Media. Such products are still in the era of electronic locks. Products can only be identified through information, not by thinking. It is impossible to become a key part of smart home in the short term. If you want the smart lock to really think, you need to get through with artificial intelligence and use big data as the secret key, which will be born in the Internet of Things composed of smart homes. For example, user behavior data can be used as a secret key. During the unlocking process, the smart lock can identify the user through a question while comparing the biological information. For example, which foods in the refrigerator are about to expire? ' , Like variety shows or TV series' And so on, and the collection of these behavioral data has been realized in commercially available smart refrigerators and smart TVs. The key is how to connect the smart lock with the data center of the smart home so as to realize random question and answer. At present, the interconnection and data sharing of smart home appliances is an important problem to be solved urgently in the development of smart home. Although this problem can be solved in smart homes composed of single brands such as Xiaomi and Haier. However, the biggest problem is that users cannot only lock in a single brand in the process of purchasing household appliances. In response to this situation, retail giants Suning and Jingdong have launched their own super APP to promote and pursue the interconnection of home appliances. Changhong, the veteran of the TV industry, also proposed the concept of smart home centered on artificial smart TV. The lights, curtains and refrigerators in the home can be connected to it and controlled. This shows that the internet of things needed for smart locks is forming and data barriers are being broken. But the road is long. At present, smart locks, like smart appliances, are in the initial stage of starting and detonating. In the future, smart locks will become a key link in the internet of things for smart homes and will play an important role in the detonation of smart appliances.
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