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Aluminum - hand lock manufacturer Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-09
Many people home wooden door is installed on a hand lock is aluminous material qualitative, relatively affordable price, design, modelling is rich, loved by consumers. Because aluminum hand lock so popular, thus giving impetus to the development of the wood door industry, a lot of wooden door factory is looking for aluminum hand lock factory, want to cooperation with manufacturers directly, without middlemen link, convenient to take their goods, want to use a box, or dozens of all may deliver goods directly from manufacturers, not own stock, risk is low, and the price is materially beneficial.     Aluminum hand lock factory, in fact, small make up, it should be said that before, for door lock manufacturers, only in the production of aluminum hand lock probability is very low, the factory also want to avoid the happening of the risk itself, will increase the category, in addition to aluminium, conventional practice is still in the production of other materials of the hand lock, such as: stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. It is often said, don't put the eggs in one basket. Locks the production design is rich, material variety, so door factory to pick up more convenient. And some lock factory in order to meet customer demand, lock body and lock core with what kind of material can be customized.     Fu yu hardware 21 years of hand lock manufacturers, professional production of various kinds of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel hand lock, the existing more than 500 kinds of style, support personalization service, the customer to choose good style, lock, with what kind of material what specification is ok, 2 years warranty, free offer.
FUYU can also foster research that is more useful and influential in society at large.
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Unlike the custom door lock, the is more flexibly used in accasions where custom door lock .
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