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Analysis and Forecast of China's intelligent door lock industry in 2018

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-08
In recent years, led by the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, smart home is booming. Internet giants and emerging start-up companies are laying out from different angles such as hardware, technology and system solutions, the smart home system is beginning to show. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the concept of smart home is increasingly hot, promoting the development of smart door lock industry. At present, China's intelligent door lock is in the market start-up period. With the continuous popularity of the smart home industry, all kinds of smart products have been introduced one after another. Among them, smart door lock products have attracted consumers' attention due to their high safety of fingerprint identification. With the development of the Internet of Things, smart home is more and more popular with people, and the application demand of smart door locks is gradually increasing. According to different unlocking methods, intelligent door locks can be divided into fingerprint locks, combination locks, remote control locks, induction locks, etc. Data show that the market penetration rate of China's smart door lock industry reached 3. 5% in 2017. 0%, with the gradual improvement of the smart home system, the smart door lock has gradually entered people's vision with its high safety characteristics, and the market penetration rate will continue to rise. Data source: the sales volume of smart door locks in China reached 8 million sets in 2017, a year-on-year increase. With the continuous development and improvement of smart door locks, the smart door lock market will be further opened, it is estimated that the scale of China's intelligent door lock industry will exceed in 2018. Data source: China Business Industry Research Institute, in recent years, the government has vigorously promoted the development of artificial intelligence industry, and the deepening of the layout of China's smart home industry chain will realize technological autonomy and improve the smart door lock industry chain. With the increasing diversification of smart home products, the home platform has been built, the smart home communication standard will be gradually unified, the application scenario will be gradually expanded, and the smart door lock will also be connected to more life scenes.
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