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Analysis of common problems in the use of fingerprint locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-06
Nowadays, many owners attach great importance to family safety. In order to have a comfortable and safe environment for their families, installing fingerprint locks is a security item that many families will choose. Some owners have some concerns about the installation of fingerprint locks and find it too troublesome. Do you want to install a fingerprint lock? Four problems that most families will encounter, teach you how to solve them easily, let's understand. Four problems that most families will encounter. Problem 1: Installing a fingerprint lock will attract thieves. Answer: If no one deliberately triggers the door lock, the screen, buttons, and fingerprint recognition are all in the 'standby state' under normal circumstances, and the TA will not Will emit any light. Being a quiet beautiful man will not attract the attention of the thief at all. If you really get attention because of TA's cool appearance, you don't have to worry about it. Then look down...Question 2: Will it be unsafe for fingerprints to be 'taken away'? Answer: If fingerprints are accidentally left on the used glass, will they 'copy' my fingerprints, so that my home It's not safe anymore! I sincerely advise you that you really think of yourself as the hero of the movie, hurry up and wake up. The current smart lock is equipped with a living fingerprint recognition module, unless he pushes your finger to lock it, I can hardly imagine how to crack it. Of course, I don't deny that there are fake fingerprint film services now, but you can try to verify it, anyway, I tested it and it didn't work. After all, this 'black technology' is something I won't be able to learn by waiting for Diaosi. If you really get to the essentials, I am afraid there is no need to be a thief. Question 3: What should I do if the smart lock is out of power? Answer: If the smart lock is out of power, it does not mean that you have to sleep on the road. According to the 'standardWith smart door locks, 99% of people will never take their keys out again. Then you can buy a 9V battery (suitable for most smart locks) in the supermarket, and then charge the TA outside. You may unlock and open the door after a while . The smart door lock relies on 4 lithium batteries for power supply. It can be used continuously for 12 to 16 months under normal household use. The door lock will automatically prompt 200 times when the battery is low, allowing you to replace the battery. As long as you are not lazy, the above situation will not happen. Question 4: How to break the peeping password? Answer: For some smart locks that do not have fingerprint recognition, use a password to unlock it. It just so happens that the neighbor next door is back. You will feel unsafe to open the door at this time. If you don't press the password, you will feel 'too little person'. My suggestion is that as long as you randomly enter a few digits before and after the real password, no one can get the real password sorting.
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