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Analysis of three security levels of anti-theft

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-06
Almost every family has anti-theft doors, so do you know the security level of Anshan lock cylinder of anti-theft doors? When we buy Locks, we must not look at the design of the key handle. The key is the design of the key itself! At present, the key owners of A-level anti-theft locks on the market must have a word key and a cross key. The internal structure of class a lock cylinder is very simple, which is only limited to the change of the marbles, and the marbles groove is small and shallow. Within one minute of Anshan's technical opening time, the mutual opening rate is very high. The structure of the marbles is a single row of marbles or a cross lock. B-level lock B-level lock key is a flat key with two rows of bullet slots. Different from A-level lock, there is an extra row of crooked and irregular lines on the key face. There are three main types of lock cylinder: computer double row lock cylinder double row crescent lock cylinder double-sided blade lock cylinder. The anti technical opening time is within 5 minutes, and the mutual opening rate is high. The lock cylinder can be opened within 1 minute by means of the strong twisting tool. The shape of super-c lock key is a blade structure key slot with positive and negative sides, and the type of lock cylinder is a double-sided column lock cylinder. It can not be opened technically after 800 minutes detection by the Ministry of public security, and the area mutual opening rate is zero (1 / 100 billion). The structure of the blade is 48 blades with double side columns for locking; if the lock cylinder is opened with strong twisting tool, the inner part of the lock cylinder is damaged and the self explosion is locked, resulting in the failure to open.
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