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[Anti-Japanese War · Memory]Put the lock to confirm the fact that the 'full iron' invaded China

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-21
2015-05- 28 Source: Yanzhao Metropolis network Browse: 458 comment: 0 Core tip: 'I have here the locks and cigarette cases that invaded China and Japan. I have locks and cigarette cases that have invaded China and Japan. Reader Zhang Ning saw the anti-Japanese evidence convening order of Baoding Evening News, and immediately dialed the evening news hotline to tell the reporter: I hope to show the objects used by the Japanese army to everyone, the national humiliation, the country can not forget! The lock proves that the Japanese army invaded Zhang Ning, the main sponsor of the China lock Culture Research Association, the deputy director and executive director of the Chinese and foreign lock appraisal committee, and the vice president of the Baoding Collection Association. In 1998, Zhang Ning, who liked to collect and collect locks everywhere, happened to find a brass lock made of Tokyo Iwata. From the logo, it was obviously used by the Japanese invaders. In the following years, Zhang Ning had a strong interest in the history and use of such locks. After the first income, he started more than 10 kinds and more than 20 locks. As he collected more and more, he gradually found that there was a special logo behind each lock, which was the logo representing mantie. As for their respective uses, Zhang Ning is still studying them. He said: each lock is the evidence of the Japanese invasion of China, and they are probably related to Baoding, I want to collect them and let them be'Say'Out of History. Yesterday morning, in Zhang Ning's home, he took out a wooden box full of locks and showed them to reporters. The lock is covered with a yellow-green special armband for the Japanese invasion of China, which reads the word 'full iron' and the logo. More than 20 locks have the same logo on the full iron armband. Among these locks, there are three steel round locks, most of which are brass square locks. One of the square bird pattern brass locks is quite special. Zhang Ning told reporters: This lock is rare in the country, it is estimated that the Japanese army is a special lock for transporting military supplies. There were many contents on the cigarette case of the Japanese army. Zhang Ning also collected three brass cigarette cases used by the Japanese army to invade China. The reporter found that there were many contents on the cigarette case used by the Japanese army officers. On the surface of a cigarette case, there is a Japanese soldier with a bayonet in his hand. On the surface of a cigarette case, there are two cannons. There is a Japanese military training on the back of the Army Field Artillery School, there is also a slightly smaller cigarette case engraved with the Japanese Mount Fuji, the pines and cypresses, and an agricultural aircraft over the sky. These cigarette packs were collected by the villagers in the surrounding counties. The collection time is about 15 years. The stories in them are unknown, but they illustrate the indelible history of Japanese invasion of China. Zhang Ning said that he learned that the Japanese army can use such a cigarette case with them, and the position should be above shaozuo. Related links, South Manchuria Railway Co. , Ltd. , referred to as Manchuria Railway, are 1906-- Japan's special company, which existed in northeast China in 1945, was also the core of Japan's Manchuria operation. It was once called Japan's East India Company in China, that is, it carried out colonial aggression in the name of the company, therefore, mantie is also known as the colonial society. In the Mukden Incident, the Manchuria Railway undertook all the military transportation of the Kwantung Army. After the Japanese army invaded Rehe, they began to plan to invade North China. The Manchuria Railway naturally played the role of military transportation. Label: lock King
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