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Application of intelligent AB door interlocking access control system in modern buildings

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
In the entrance guard application, the traditional metal key door lock is used, although the cost is low, the door key is easy to be copied, lost, rusted, etc. , and it is inconvenient to carry, it is far from meeting the requirements of modern building security. High-grade commercial buildings with beautiful environment have more advanced and high-grade requirements for door locks and pursue intelligent management methods. In this way, A new type of 'induction card intelligent access control system' has won people's trust with its brand-new use concept and has been widely used rapidly. The system organically combines 'induction card' with 'lock, furthermore, the 'induction card' replaces the 'key' and cooperates with computer software to realize remote real-time management of the center, thus realizing a high degree of intelligence of entrance guard and effectively solving various deficiencies of the traditional door lock, its excellent management and use functions bring unexpected convenience to people. Especially for some confidential archives with higher security requirements, central computer rooms, cultural relics storage rooms, safe passages for financial industry business offices, etc, these places usually store extremely high economic value or extremely important and confidential items, and ordinary people are not allowed to enter except for specific staff. However, these 'profitable' places are also easy to become targets of criminals. Therefore, it is particularly important to build a highly secure access control system. In this way, the advanced security application exception of the building induction card intelligent access control system--AB door double door interlocking access control system came into being. Smart card AB door double door interlocking access control is a very clever application of intelligent access control system. Double door interlocking access control is installed on a channel that requires strict control of personnel entering and leaving the area. When personnel pass through, after passing through the first door, the door must be closed before the second door can be opened, thus effectively isolating the space on both sides of the channel and preventing criminals from following into safe areas. The double-door interlocking system can also cooperate with closed-circuit monitoring equipment to realize the monitoring of card swiping personnel by the center, and can also install fingerprint meter to realize more advanced fingerprint AB door double-door interlocking access control. The design principle is that people-oriented 'people' are system users. The system design should closely focus on people's actual needs, with the principles of practicality, simplicity, economy and safety, at the same time, it takes care of the different needs of access control in different places to meet the functions of customers. ● Applicability. With the rapid development of science and technology today, technologies and products that can be applied to access control systems emerge one after another. The systems and products selected in the project should benefit users in real terms, and meet the needs of recent use and long-term development. Among the various ways of implementation, choose the most economical and reliable way. ● Advanced system design and product selection should have certain technological advancement when put into use, but not blindly pursue fashionable but immature new technologies or practical new functions, to fully protect the user's investment. ● Reliability. The design of the system should have high reliability. After the system failure or accident causes interruption, it can ensure the accuracy, integrity and consistency of the data and has the function of rapid recovery. ● Standardization, openness, standardization and openness are the inevitable trend of the development of information technology. The possible conditions are punctual, and the products used in the design are standardized and open as much as possible, and follow the international communication protocol. The application software should adopt commercialized general software as far as possible to reduce the workload of secondary development and facilitate future use and maintenance.
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