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Are we really ready for the era of smart door locks?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
August, a smart door lock manufacturer, recently released a series of new products based on the internet of things, including Bluetooth smart door locks, smart keyboards (Smart Keypad)And August doorbell &Camera (Doorbell Cam)System. In order to realize the effective use of resources, August has also teamed up with third-party express service providers to integrate resources, including Sears, Postmates and Pro. Com, Handy and other 11 express service companies have promised to support August's intelligent door lock equipment. In other words, if the user's home is equipped with August smart lock, the employees of these express delivery companies will not affect the normal delivery and pick-up of the goods even if there is no one in the customer's home in the future. In addition, after starting these new intelligent door lock systems, all certified and authorized enterprises and staff can independently carry out such work as sending groceries or cleaning for users. In response, US technology media Techcrunch even believes that the series of smart door locks released by August will completely change our future lifestyle. For example, Techcrunch imagined a scene for us: in the office, you can now send the things you left at home to the company through the Postmates service, or send someone to send flowers'Secret' Put it on the table at home to surprise your wife. If you can't walk because of your work, you can even entrust others to walk your dog without giving them keys. ' For a non-Silicon Valley observer like me, this idea is indeed very beautiful at first glance, but it also has its own shortcomings. For example, we must fully trust everyone who deals with us, and sometimes we don't know what each other looks like. Under the traditional circumstances, we may need to hand over the keys to the other party face to achieve this goal. Although this method is somewhat old-fashioned, at least I can still know what the other party looks like. To be more specific, although August and its cooperative enterprises can provide me with more intimate door-to-door service ( For example, put fresh food directly in my refrigerator, not just throw it at the door) But it also means that the courier can open every drawer in my home at will, and this is not my ideal future life. Of course, August and its cooperative enterprises will definitely set up a complete review and control system to ensure that their employees can provide high-quality services, but I'm afraid such a measure alone is not enough to make me completely calm down. We must admit that the product design introduced by August is very excellent, and we also believe that these products will have a broader market after certain price reduction adjustments, however, it may take a long time for similar intelligent door lock designs to become popular all over the world.
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