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Artificial intelligence makes the smart lock have 'thinking' and hit the user's pain point

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
The partial door industry has great development potential, especially the door lock industry is in the key outlet for the transformation from traditional door lock to intelligent door lock. According to relevant data, the industry of smart door locks is growing at an explosive rate. In 2016, the market capacity will be 2 million units, which is expected to reach 6 million units this year and 2018 units in 1200- 15 million, five to ten years, intelligent door locks are expected to form A- level market. In the modern life of smart home, smart home has gradually entered people's field of vision, and integrated applications of various network communication, security and security, and automatic control technologies, it has brought people a novel, convenient and novel smart home experience, thus forming a new favorite in the smart home market. In today's smart home, a smart lock that can interact with users, open the intelligent era of door lock hardware. In the era of science and technology, big data support, ability to hit the user's pain points, innovative design, machine learning and machine interaction make smart locks have thinking'Become smarter. The human society for thousands of years has not eliminated the door lock, but with the progress of technology, the function of the lock has become more and more powerful, so the door lock is one of the indispensable and functional life tools for people. 1, remote control remote mobile phone shake or automatic unlocking function can completely liberate the user's hands, eliminating the steps of physical key unlocking. With the automatic unlocking function, users can automatically open the smart lock without keys and other operation locks as long as they are close to the smart lock within a certain distance of the home door. The most breakthrough design is that there is no Keyhole, which makes the anti-theft function to the extreme, and makes the technical unlocking and other means of crime completely invalid. 2. Encryption algorithm of hardware and software the encryption algorithm of software is very simple, mainly the mainstream encryption method, and it is an open source encryption algorithm, which is basically impossible to crack, these encryption algorithms are characterized by open source. The advantage is that there are a group of scientific and technological experts behind them to maintain them. The algorithms that can be cracked basically do not exist. In terms of hardware security, 256-bit bidirectional dynamic encryption chip and M2M data algorithm model realize seamless connection and communication among people, machines and systems, so that the door lock has basic judgment and intelligent application. Through the analysis of users' unlocking behavior habits supported by big data, these data are converted into machine thinking through machine learning, so as to accurately judge whether the person carrying the automatic unlocking is inside or outside the door, then it is converted into the machine interaction capability based on cloud computing to determine whether to open the door and realize accurate human-computer interaction and complete unlocking function. 3. Logging, no matter how secure the fingerprint lock is, requires a complete logging system, A series of intelligent unlocking functions such as remote wifi unlocking, full monitoring and recording of lock usage, automatic alarm of abnormal conditions, etc. are synchronized with mobile phone APP in real time, so that the owner can control the use of door locks anytime and anywhere, it is also possible to remotely monitor the whereabouts of children or the elderly and realize real-time warm care for family members. The thinking mode of the Internet has given birth to the early emergence of new substitute products. Due to the rapid development of Internet technology, a new model based on Internet technology, Internet experience and Internet marketing has been formed. The customer's experience effect determines the final result of product marketization. Wrigley intelligent technology. 4. Active learning, automatic optimization according to user habits, and artificial intelligence applied to the field of intelligent locks, mainly to realize seamless connection and communication among people, machines and systems, let the door lock have basic judgment and learning ability, thus realizing intelligent application; At the same time, with the support of big data, smart locks can analyze and learn users' unlocking habits and usage habits, and then transform them into machine thinking through the analysis of users' habits, so as to provide users with a better use experience. For example, an intelligent lock with self-learning can continuously update and learn the operation during the user unlocking process, and then further improve the unlocking accuracy and speed during the learning process, greatly improving the fingerprint recognition rate, in other words, the faster the smart lock will be used, the more convenient it will be; For another example, the smart lock can make judgments and analyses every day according to the usual time when the elderly and children in the family go out and go home. In addition to informing users of their entry and exit conditions and unlocking records every day, if they do not go out on time or go home in time during the usual time when they often open and close the door, the smart lock will notify the user and remind the user to confirm whether they are safe.
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