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'Artistic innovation', participation and effect

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-17
2011-01- 05 Browse: 518 comment: 0 Core tip: artistic innovation, participation and effect are the same as the investment promotion work of the 4th Shanghai International mahogany art furniture exhibition in China, and artistic innovation is officially launched, participation and effect together with the investment promotion work of the 4th China Shanghai International mahogany art furniture exhibition officially launched the art works with great Chinese origin------Art Furniture ( Ming and Qing classical furniture, Republic of China Shanghai furniture, contemporary mahogany furniture) It is like a bright coordinate in the long river of history, gathering into a beautiful and non-repeatable picture, showing the brilliance and beauty of traditional culture. It condenses the wisdom and sweat of the ancients and interprets the obsession and madness of contemporary people. It is the spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation's materialization for thousands of years. From the perspective of art, we look forward to history and see only the heavy responsibility of today's people to remember civilization and inherit civilization. The dignified and elegant art furniture, the history of rhyme. . . . . . Touching the pulse of the Chinese national art for five thousand years is grand and profound. As a wonderful flower in the development process of Chinese furniture, artistic furniture will never wither. The New Oriental Treasure, which combines national culture and the spirit of the times, will be presented at the forefront of the world stage due to the success of our exhibition. Whether you are the creator of art furniture or a fan of art furniture, as long as you appear at the art furniture exhibition in Shanghai Exhibition Center, you will become the leading role of the center. Opportunities and Challenges coexist, artistic innovation, participation and effect coexist. Let's, in October 27, 2011- On the 30th, the 4th China Shanghai International mahogany furniture exhibition held by the Shanghai Exhibition Center will meet again! You will see in the exhibition hall: 1. Mahogany furniture and mahogany home accessories; Traditional su zuo, Jing zuo, Guang Zuo and Hai Pai furniture; Contemporary neoclassical, new Chinese, new Shanghai style furniture; 2. Classical furniture: Ming and Qing classical furniture, European classical furniture, Western classical furniture (Western old furniture, antique furniture); 3, art, home accessories: wood carving, root carving, bamboo carving, bronze, antiques, lacquerware, folk crafts, collectibles; 4, mahogany furniture accessories, raw materials: copper accessories, appliances, paint, waxing products, etc. For more information, please contact: exhibition Secretariat 021-50552222 Luo Ling
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