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As we have entered the era of intelligence, how should we choose a smart lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-22
With the continuous development of the smart door lock industry, all kinds of smart door locks not only cause consumers to have difficulty in choosing, what brand of smart lock is better? Which style is safer? It has become a common topic for many users. So what kind of smart lock should we choose? Today I recommend a Fuyu Tianyi smart door lock to everyone. Recommended reason one: high security 1. Fuyu Tianyi smart door lock adopts a super B-grade real mortise lock cylinder with an anti-technical opening time of more than 270 minutes; a stainless steel three-proof lock body, anti-prying, anti-saw, two-way The lock tongue is anti-opening; the door handle is made of zinc alloy, and the process adopts a die-casting one-time molding and a 7-layer electroplating process. 2. Equipped with a high-definition wide-angle camera, with the WeChat applet mobile phone reminder. It allows the thief to have nowhere to hide at your door, and keeps the hidden dangers of family safety out of the door. At the same time, through the WeChat applet, you can view the photos of family members who open the door in real time, and the 'cloud' recording function of the door opens, so that the stored data is safe and not lost. 3. 5 smart alarm functions, no matter you are on a business trip or at work, you don't have to worry about no one to look after your house. a. Anti-pry alarm b. Alarm when the password is entered incorrectly (more than 5 times when the password is entered) c. Open the sliding cover alarm d. Anti-holding alarm e. Low battery alarm 4. The inner handle is designed with a round handle to prevent malicious opening of the lock through the eyes of a cat. Moreover, it inherits the anti-locking function of the mechanical lock, turning the inner door button, all unlocking methods outside the door are invalid. 5. Anti-peeping virtual password technology, enter a few digits before and after, as long as you keep 6 consecutive correct passwords in the middle, it is safe and awkward in front of acquaintances. In addition, Fuyu Tianyan smart fingerprint lock has obtained the electronic lock inspection certification of the Ministry of Public Security, which is one of the most authoritative fingerprint anti-theft lock certifications on the market, and few domestic door lock companies have it. Recommended reason two: The design of Tianyi smart door lock is inspired by high-speed trains and uses flowing line art to integrate into the panel; fingerprint recognition door opening and door handles are the most frequently used parts of people. Tianyi smart lock adopts hidden fingerprint design. The fingerprint module is naturally integrated into the handle. Hold the handle and rotate it clockwise to open the door in one step. The overall shape is simple, stylish and compact. The Tianyi smart lock is the first smart lock given to young people who pursue the quality of life. Recommended reason 3: Reliable quality Speaking of 'FuyuI'm familiar with it. Fuyu insists on high-end manufacturing, and learns German precision manufacturing technology and management experience. Since 2006, it has introduced a one-stop production line of fully automated die-casting, polishing, electroplating and other hardware technologies to ensure its ability to support world-class brand manufacturing. Recommended reason four: after-sales guarantee Fuyu Tianyi smart lock has its own after-sales team, the product is guaranteed for 3 years, and the product is replaced within 2 years. Most areas can achieve after-sales service within 12 hours to solve your worries. Recommended reason 5: How to unlock Duofuyu Tianyi smart lock can use five unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, swiping card, remote password, and key, you can choose. Recommended reason six: high cost performance Fuyu Tianyi smart locks are factory direct sales, so the cost performance is super high. The Fuyu Tianyi Smart Fingerprint Lock Crowdfunding event jointly organized with JD Crowdfunding will be launched on JD Crowdfunding on December 20th. The crowdfunding price is more favorable at the original price, only 1499 yuan, so please hurry up Let's start! JD crowdfunding link:
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