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Asia-Pacific electronic lock market

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
Intelligence and user experience are becoming key words for merchants to compete for consumers'. Asaheele (ASSAABLOY) The group is currently targeting the smart home market, especially promoting electronic locks on the safety doors of Panpan Company, its Asia-Pacific security door cooperative enterprise. This year, the Asia-Pacific region is focusing on one-stop intelligent services' Zhong zanyao, president of the security door Industry Group of the Greater China region of asaheele, was in asaheele on the 21st- Panpan Yingkou company told China News Agency that smart home in South Korea has become quite popular in the Asia-Pacific region. Take electronic locks as an example, South Korea has achieved more than 90% household popularity, and the electronic lock market in Southeast Asian countries is also in short supply, in addition, the demand for smart locks and electronic locks in Australia, India and other regions is growing. As far as mainland China is concerned, electronic locks and combination locks were mainly used in commercial fields such as hotels before, and the home market is still in its infancy. Asahel has acquired Korea e-insurance company. In 2011, e-insurance company set up a new factory in Shanghai, China, to supply the domestic market in China, and its products will also be exported to Southeast Asian countries. At present, asahele group has a market share of about 30% of locks in mainland China' Zhong zanyao said that we have great confidence in the market demand for the development of electronic locks in China, but when we see it'Burst point'Where is it'. According to sources, on November 26 this year, Asahel- Panpan will launch the first electronic lock in China. Users do not need to replace the security door, but only need to exchange the electronic lock with the original mechanical lock, which ensures the promotion speed of the electronic lock. Emerging markets are very important in asahele's corporate strategic planning. Our group's goal is to come from emerging markets with 50% of the group's total business volume by 2025', Zhong zanyao introduced. At the beginning of its establishment in 1994, ASSA group was formed by the merger of ASSA in Sweden and ABLOY in Finland. Subsequently, it has continuously increased its membership through mergers and acquisitions and has now acquired more than 200 companies, A multinational group with operations in more than 70 countries, all the product platforms of Asahel can be combined with the existing smart home trends'Zhong zanyao said. One of the 20 years of successful experience in the development of the asahele group is to carry out effective mergers and acquisitions' Zhong zanyao pointed out that asahle will choose the strongest local partner, and China's Panpan security gate is typical' In the process of merger and acquisition, as a multinational group, Asahel complements its technological advantages, market management and pricing management experience with the effects of local brands to enhance the competitiveness of its products. According to reports, although at present Asahel- Panpan security gate exports account for less than 1% and are not yet mature, but asaheele has also begun to use its network in other regions to promote Panpan exports to foreign markets. Now we are talking with Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines, Taiwan and India, and now we are looking forward to the initial stage of export'Zhong zanyao said.
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