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At the door fair, enterprises in the door industry will take more smart home routes

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-16
From May 26-5 to, the 7th China international door Expo was successfully held in Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhejiang province. As one of the brand exhibitions with the largest scale, the highest degree of specialization, the huge influence of the industry and the strongest participation, yongkangmen Expo has been successfully held for six consecutive sessions. Relying on Yongkang China' The characteristics and advantages of the attracted from Hebei, Shandong, Shanghai, Hunan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces (City) Of the 1068 Enterprises declared to participate, 1165 standard booths and 3. Special booths. 860 thousand square meters. At the same time, the organizer specially set up a regional brand area in the on-site booth to display new smart home products such as electronic locks, magnetic locks, fingerprint locks and smart locks. At the door fair, enterprises in the door industry will take more smart home routes, innovate independently and lead smart technology in May 30, 2016, national Science and technology innovation the General Assembly, China Academy of Sciences 18th meeting of academicians of the General Assembly and, China Academy of Engineering 13th times academician General Assembly, China Science and Technology Association ninth Times National's Congress in, Beijing, the Great Hall of the held, in his important speech, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that innovation has always been an important force for the development of a country and a nation, and has always been an important force for promoting the progress of human society. Without innovation, innovation is not slow, science and technology is a national prosperity, science and technology is a strong country. General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech is a further consolidation of the national policy of innovation-driven development. It is also a necessary guarantee for the transformation of the way, the adjustment of the structure, and the promotion of development, and the implementation of innovation in place, through scientific and technological innovation, it has become the consensus of more and more enterprises to effectively transform scientific and technological achievements into primary productive forces, lead economic development and serve the better life of the people. At this conference, many innovative products and high-tech products appeared one by one. A group of intelligent hardware products with independent innovative technologies represented by mobile Internet technology were deeply integrated with the door industry and hardware industry, it has become the main theme of the door fair, and has driven the transformation and upgrading of the entire door industry by meeting the needs of door industry enterprises and security companies at various levels. Taking the door lock as an example, the door industry enterprises participating in the door Expo took more smart home routes and configured smart locks to enhance market competitiveness, thus satisfying consumers' pursuit of high-quality life and realizing internet door locks' During the on-site visit, the reporter found that the traditional primary intelligent lock controlled by Bluetooth is being replaced by a new lock controlled by a remote mobile terminal and equipped with an Internet intelligent fingerprint password, simply download the management client on the mobile phone, you can easily control the door lock at home with one click, which is not only more secure in terms of security, but also more secure for the elderly and children at home, new features such as unlocking memory viewing, temporary password sharing, and multi-language switching also add more fun and practicality to the lock. Supply-side reform promotes the spirit of craftsman. At the beginning of this year, at the 12th th meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group, the development direction of supply-side reform was proposed to eliminate backward production capacity and improve total factor productivity, improving product quality, better meeting the needs of the broad masses of the people, and promoting sustained and healthy economic and social development have become important ideas for enterprise development in the coming period. Strengthening the supply of science and technology, serving the economic and social development, and producing more high-quality, high-end and intelligent products has become a new choice for door enterprises and related supporting industries to break through. The common concerns of the exhibitors at this conference are all aimed at the field of smart home smart locks. The intelligent designs such as mobile phone unlocking, electronic key sharing, access monitoring, and face-to-face unlocking surprise the exhibitors, A series of high-tech products represented by CEI walnut intelligent lock and suspension lock cylinder also shine on the stage, leading a new round of development trend in the industry. Open the intelligent life from the door, the doorway that cannot be ignored' There are great business opportunities. According to statistics, the total output of Yongkang's door industry in 2015 is 37 million yuan. According to conservative estimates, if 50% of the doors are equipped with intelligent locks, the resulting output value will reach 22. 2 billion yuan, who will occupy this high-profit market first will undoubtedly take the lead. I believe this leading role will become a new profit growth point for the door industry in the future after the door fair.
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