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At the end of the year, there is a high incidence of theft. In addition to changing the fingerprint lock, what other effective anti-theft measures are there?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-15
The Spring Festival is getting closer and the New Year’s goods are almost ready. Some people have already started to move around. It is the thieves...especially at the end of the year, there will be more cases of burglary than usual because of the closed space. This kind of theft is not only a loss of property. It also threatens personal safety, which makes us have to think about home safety. So, what are the home anti-theft measures we should take in our daily life and decoration? 1. The smart lock should be the most publicized. The A-level lock and the B-level lock in your house are the same in the eyes of the thief, so for the benefit and safety of yourself and your family, you should switch to a C-level lock. The smart lock of the core, change to a smart lock about two thousand, the value of the flower, the thief basically gave up when he saw the smart door lock. 2. Cat’s eye Cat’s eye allows people in the house to see the outside and people outside the house. Although the effect is poor, it is enough to determine whether there is someone in the house. Once determined, people can use the tool from the cat’s eye. Reached in and opened the door. If you don’t know, you can search on Baidu: Maoyan opens the door. 3. The door stopper is small and practical. It does not need to be installed. It can be placed directly behind the door. It is suitable for inwardly opened anti-theft doors and bedroom doors. 4. Guardrails and anti-theft nets. Guardrails and anti-theft nets are all welded metal. Some people say they are like cages, but most families will install them, especially if you install them downstairs but you don’t install them, it is very dangerous, unless your floor is very high. high. However, anti-theft measures should not only consider preventing illegal infringements by others, but also ensure the safety of the occupants. When customizing the guardrail, make an escape port, lock it at ordinary times, and put the key nearby. Once there is a situation, it can quickly escape. 5. The monitoring equipment is equipped with a camera at home, 200 yuan, you can monitor every move in the house at any time, and record it as a video, if it is really stolen, it can also be used as evidence to help solve the case. Take good care of your family and property. Don’t give the thief a 'year-end bonus' and don’t give the bad guys a chance!
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