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Attention|When going out to play, he will not let the danger at the door of his house go

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-06
In the long holiday of November, many people must have started their last long holiday trip this year. It is very basic to close water and electricity doors and windows before traveling. But after this, the movement at the door of the house was completely out of control. Some neighbors who have a good relationship can only leave the key in their neighbor's house, so that the good neighbor will help take care of it from time to time. But on the one hand, it’s not good to trouble people, and on the other hand, this kind of neighborhood relationship is not very common. Therefore, whether you can control the safety at the door of your house, you still need special equipment for protection. Smart cat eyes are prepared for such families. You never know who the stranger standing at your door will be. For most families, smart locks are a relatively new thing, and smart cat eyes are even more unusual. In addition to linkage with smart locks, smart cat eyes can also monitor changes on the door in real time when unattended at home, send notifications to family members in time, and send the captured image information, so that family members can know the situation outside the door in time And deal with it. In addition to the anti-pry alarm function of the smart cat’s eye, the cat’s eye of many families is built on the door of the house. The structure is relatively simple and the protection is poor. Some people can open the door after knocking on the cat’s eye with a special tool. This is the so-called 'cat's eye unlocking'. On the one hand, residents can be equipped with smart locks with anti-cat eye unlocking function for protection. On the other hand, smart cat eyes have a prying alarm function, which can have a good deterrent effect when they are pryed, and further avoid the risk of being opened illegally. Therefore, as a partner of the smart lock, the smart cat eye can play a very good security protection function when the family goes out to play.
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