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August releases new products, allowing users to access smart door locks anytime and anywhere

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-08
A few days ago, August company released August Connect, which needs to be used with August Smart Lock, and users can check the situation of Smart locks in their homes through the Internet. According to reports, users can install August Connect on the wall, and then Connect to the wireless network in their home to remotely access Smart Lock anytime and anywhere. In addition, users can also use matching software to realize other functions, such as opening the door for guests automatically when they are too busy to get out of the house. August Smart Lock is also compatible with Nest Learning Theermostat, which automatically turns off the heating function after the user leaves home. August Connect now, August's official website has begun to accept Connect's reservation at a price of 49. $99, expected to ship in the middle of next month. If there is no Smart Lock, it will cost 249. 99 dollars to buy one first.
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