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Baode 'an door lock introduction

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
Baode an lock is called semi-circular lock. This kind of lock was developed by Baode an lock factory in March 2001. It was converted from General Motors electric fire lock to civil lock, with shrapnel replaced by marbles, it is composed of seven marbles ,(After 2003, it was changed to eight marbles) Each marble has three gaps with different depths, and a square steel ingot or steel sheet is inserted in the middle. These are the three fake marbles we often call, usually, the single hooks we use can only be moved to the mother beads one by one, and it is very difficult to move the fake mouth to a straight line. At present, the domestic high-grade locksmiths can not open the single hook, so Baode an lock (Chalfdesign suo) It has been adopted by various famous anti-theft door factories and has been very popular in recent years.
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