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by:FUYU lock     2020-09-18
Bedroom door is also called the bedroom door lock, it is indispensable to life hardware products, the bedroom door on the market there are a lot of kinds, has the fission, have a body, have a quiet, have without the keyhole, colorful. Bedroom door manufacturer also has a lot of, the domestic most concentrated in two areas in zhejiang and guangdong, many other wooden doors factory in the city of form a complete set of locks are transfer from here. How for wooden door factory, from large Numbers of find a suitable bedroom door factory to cooperate? Then look down below.     1, see manufacturers strength & emsp;   Small workshops with the brand manufacturer factory bedroom door quality must be different, with brand manufacturers to accumulate more experience in the industry, and there is no cutting corners and the situation of the product is unqualified, in addition to these, big brand manufacturers also have more perfect after-sales service ability, within the warranty period, the bedroom door quality problems, can be processed in a timely manner.     2, see positioning & emsp;   Before looking for bedroom door manufacturers, first need to know your product positioning, for example, has been mainly high-end wood door, then, of course, also want to choose high-grade door lock manufacturers, is one to one correspondence between the two, bring out the best in each other, conversely.     3, the production technology & emsp;   Bedroom door production technology of common stamping, casting, polishing, electroplating, etc. , different manufacturers have certain different on the processing of detail, coupled with the production equipment is different, eventually make industry also is different.     Fu yu hardware small make up recommend, select the bedroom door production manufacturer is actually not that difficult, we have been in the bedroom door industry business for 21 years, services for tens of thousands of customers, wooden door factory, engineering customers and industry has been very good reputation.
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