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Bedroom door - price Diverse styles, 0 yuan online offer

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-19
Bedroom door when price has always been a lot of people are very concerned about the topic, some people want to buy cheap room door lock, but worried about quality problem, can protect the privacy, whether mute. Many people should know the bedroom door price, ask different people to get the prices are not the same, from the gate of a hardware store to get a quote, to quote from another neighborhood hardware store is, from the online inquiry, the price is different, which price is right, consumers received completely. Why is the bedroom door when prices are not the same? Main reasons why there are so few aspects: the market went door lock brand is numerous, different brand price is different, and customers from different channels to understand the lock is not the same style, so, the price also is not the same. Other factors affect the price of the door when the key is the channel, a hardware store belongs to multilevel distributors, price through layer upon layer overlay, price is quite high. Source take from manufacturers of goods, eliminating the middlemen add link, factory price directly. Bedroom door design, material modelling are the same, but the price will be lower a lot. Want to know the bedroom door, the price is for rich yu hardware, German brand, with 15 acres entity factory, 21 automatic production line, the room door lock design diversity, 0 yuan online offer. Lock price will according to what you want to get the function, you what is the requirement of indoor life level, different requirements, the lock will there is a big difference, although the surface looks at about the same, but it is not the same. Fu yu hardware lock style variety, meet various needs without customers, the unified national price.
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