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Before install door lock, you must be aware of these things

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-19
1, confirm to open the door to step the first step is also very nervous, confirm to open the door to, left open the door: you stand on the outside of the door, when the firm set button on the left side of the door, the fingerprint lock define for left open the door, left inside pushed open the door and left open the door. Right to open the door: you stand on the outside of the door, when the firm set button on the right side of the door, fingerprint lock is define as the right to open the door, point right pushed open the door and opened the door outside right. 2, unit fingerprint door lock material has requirement? Now there are a lot of the kinds of door, have used for outdoor metal door, and indoor common wooden door, wooden door will everybody can be worrying can not hold the fingerprint lock, in fact, this concern is redundant, only met thieves, haven't seen the door! Buck can fingerprint lock device on the street in wood, iron, bronze, composite door, and security doors, glass doors. Of course, you don't really trust can change the security doors, no problem. 3, our door is double open the door to install two locks? Want to install two lock was strictly a, a true lock, a false lock. The convenience in order to open the door, at the same time to visually beautiful, symmetry, in another door on a false lock device, ( False lock refers to a unified brand, unified model of lock, to device with double open the door, and the one of the lock lock core, take off the tongue, and keep only the outer shell; Commonly known as false lock. ) Double door is mostly used for villa, material for the metal, so the door will focus on the weight of the wooden door, open the door for the sake of convenience, try to choice before you buy a lock has a big shake handshandle fingerprint lock. 4, the thickness of the door the door lock device is the thickness of the fingerprint identity must consider tensions and the thickness of the door determines the lock accessories. As usual intelligent lock the door of the corresponding thickness between 35 mm to 100 mm, outside the scope of this door is thick not device, so the amount of time required to buy the thickness of the door, convenient customer service staff for your choices for door lock. 5, can device itself? Against a friends feel fond of DIY, fingerprint lock device is very simple, as long as according to the drawing control. However, if not familiar with manipulation, can appear some problems, will have to destroy locks. If be device also damaged the lock itself, cannot enjoy 3 packets of service. Be on the safe side, I'd better put this difficult task to professional unit staff. 6, door lock moment have punch, original want to change the door? This depends on the lock hole size before, if need to change the new door lock is too high, especially the location of the new lock need stiletto and old lock time of overlap, lock will affect new lock device.
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