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Behind the hot Smart Lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the growth of user demand, intelligent products have continuously entered thousands of families. As the entrance level of smart home'Product-- Smart locks have become the focus of many technology giants and door lock companies'. According to statistics, there are 1129 smart lock enterprises and more than 2800 brands in the country. The Blue Ocean market for smart locks has been formed, and the formation of the current hot pattern of smart locks cannot be separated from three factors: market, policy and technology. Market factors, according to statistics, China has about 4. 5%. Of the 0. 6 billion households, about 20% of the population in cities and towns with concentrated population are mainly renting houses, while the proportion of renting houses in first-tier cities is as high as 40%; From the perspective of urban development and urban resources, it is estimated that the proportion of rental housing in the future will exceed 50%. This special situation will speed up the demand for smart locks in existing rental housing and public rental housing and apartments. In addition, the number of Chinese proletariat has reached 3. 2017. 8. 5 billion, expected to increase to 4. In 2022. In 0. 8 billion, this group with good education and high acceptance will take the lead in completing the consumption education of smart locks, become the main force in the consumption of smart locks, and take the lead in enjoying the extreme convenience of smart homes; According to the data, under the special economic system of our country, there are all kinds of large, medium and small enterprises. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises counted in 2015 alone exceeded 70 million, and showed a steady growth trend year by year, however, the demand for smart locks in the department setup and office space of the enterprise is estimated to be several times that of 70 million. Based on the above, China only has accommodation rooms, urban residential buildings, and corporate office space. The market potential demand for smart locks is extremely considerable, and the industry has invested in this big cake through sensitive market control'Fierce competition for smart locks'Battlefield. Policy factors, with the continuous development of human society, cities will carry more and more population in the future. At present, China is in a period of accelerated urbanization, with urban diseases in some areas'Problem is becoming more and more serious. In order to solve the problem of urban development and realize the sustainable development of cities, the construction of smart cities has become an irreversible historical trend of urban development in the world today. With the rise of smart cities, security is also intelligent to improve the construction needs. The gradual strengthening of the relationship between security technology and the Internet provides an opportunity for the development of smart locks. Looking at the smart cities in China in recent years' The construction is largely developed by the security system. It can be said that security is the foundation of smart city construction. And smart city' Once the construction was put forward in 2012, many well-known IoT enterprises and famous housing enterprises focused on this strategy for deployment. Technical factors, internet of things technology and artificial intelligence are constantly perpendicular to the application field, accelerating the development of intelligent locks. As the initiator of the 2017 White Paper on the application and development of smart locks in China, deschman, together with many well-known IoT industry chain enterprises such as Alibaba Cloud, has deeply interpreted many dimensions of the industry. At the 2018 Shenzhen cloud Habitat conference, deschman once again teamed up with Ali to launch a link Security ID The small T86 of the security chip fully upgrades the security and privacy of the intelligent lock in alarm function, temporary key, remote monitoring, family management and other functions, creating a more solid barrier for home security. The implementation of Home Security with smart locks as the core is not limited, and technological development supports the development of smart locks. Smart Lock enterprises, while exporting their own products, also spread the health concept of intelligent life, relying on various black technologies, and constantly strive to solve consumer pain points, quality-oriented, meet the growing needs of users. And the continuous iteration of new technologies also frequently ignited the passion of consumption and industry competition. Intelligent and convenient is the vision of intelligent life. Whether it is the purpose of market, policy or technology, it will all reach the same goal: to reduce the burden on people's lives'To make the city smarter and better. The popularity of smart locks has also confirmed the awakening of people's intelligent life concept.
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