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Behind the smart lock, the hidden worries emerged

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
Although compared with star smart home products such as smart TV, smart door locks have not been sought after by the media before, their popularity among users is no less than that of the former, moreover, it may still be a smart home category that stood on the tuyere earlier. As early as 2015, manshenyun smart lock won the double crown of sales volume and sales amount in Taobao for product crowdfunding. At that time, it set a global crowdfunding record in the industry as a landmark event, this also opened the spring of China's smart lock industry. Behind the surge of smart locks, hidden worries emerge. As an important entrance to smart homes, smart locks have great potential in China. According to the data display and prediction of the National lock Industry Information Center, the market size of smart locks in 2017 has exceeded 10 billion, and the demand for smart locks in China in 2018 is 13 million units, which is expected to increase by more than 2017 over 60%, and the market size may be close to 20 billion. Wang Changhai believes that the home sector will be the main battlefield of the smart lock industry in the future. In 2017, the sales volume of smart door locks in the market was 8 million, double that of the previous year, while the penetration rate in the Chinese market is currently less than 5%. 'US smart home related sources revealed. In contrast, South Korea's smart door lock penetration rate reached 60%-70%. Similarly, Liu Jiangfeng, CEO of merit technology, also believes that this will be a 30 billion- There is no head brand in the market of 40 billion, which is a huge opportunity for everyone. ' Investment institutions also favor the smart lock industry. First, in early March, Yunding won the investment led by Blueprint venture capital, Lenovo Star and dangerous peak. Round C financing of 0. 1 billion yuan; Then in March 21, deschman won the joint investment of over yuan from famous enterprises and investment companies such as Red Star Macalline, good wife Group and sharing investment; Then in March 26, Manshen won tens of millions of Pre-Round A financing. In 2018, with the continuous maturity of the market education of the intelligent lock industry, the continuous improvement of consumers' acceptance of intelligent products and the continuous increase of industrial promotion, the popularization rate of the intelligent lock industry will be greatly improved, it is expected that the increase will exceed, and with the increase of penetration rate, the intelligent lock industry will also usher in a new outbreak period. In addition, smart locks will show the following development trends in 2018: 1. Consumer brands will appear. 2. Cross-Industry lianheng will be common. 3. Industrial concentration will be higher and higher. 4. The trend of internetization and integration into AI industry is obvious. 5. Safety, convenience and applicability will become the mainstream of products. 6. Customized products for consumer groups are becoming more and more popular. 7. Online and offline integration will make buying more and more convenient. 8. There will be a professional team in the market service. Under the upsurge of intelligent hardware and considering the overall layout of the smart home market, it can be found that the value of intelligent locks is increasingly prominent. Intelligent Security is the most rigid product in smart home, and the door lock is the first security line of defense in various places. In addition, the intelligent lock has unique application scenarios and integration space, it is bound to become the primary link for enterprises to seize the smart home market. The rapid development of the industry is not necessarily a good thing. With a large number of enterprises investing in the intelligent door lock industry, many problems naturally follow. In the development process of intelligent door lock, there are mainly the following problems: technical reliability, network security, the relationship between combined unlocking methods, and cost problems. In addition, if the intelligent door lock wants to usher in the real popularization, it is still an important part of the user's education. How to let the user understand the advantages of the intelligent door lock compared with the traditional door lock, eliminating users' worries about hidden dangers of intelligent door locks is one of the processes that must be experienced in the development of the industry. Conclusion: As a smart lock for smart home security module, in order to achieve long-term development in the future development of home intelligence, in addition to continuing to carry forward its own advantages in products and channel services, it is necessary to cater to the trend of the internet of everything, take advantage of the trend, actively connect with the Internet of Things communication technology, integrate into the ecology of the IoT platform, and jointly build a smart lifestyle with Qian's ten million smart home products, let people get a complete intelligent life experience and live together with many intelligent products, so intelligent lock enterprises must focus on the present, lay out the future of IoT and use the end of intelligent lock'Cloud for IoT'. ( According to ruilai's point of view, Southern Metropolis Daily, National lock Industry Information Center, door lock World, Huicong security network, mobile phone China, OFweek information collation, China Security Exhibition network editor)
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