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Biometric Anti-theft lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-19
At present, the domestic lockset market is oversupplied and prices are generally falling. The sales channels of domestic lockset enterprises are changing; A sales group that relies on sales to make profits, small profits but quick turnover, and keeps low prices in the fierce competition is gradually forming, and this kind of low-price competition is becoming more and more fierce. Price is the first factor that consumers value when buying locks, followed by quality. When enterprises take low price competition as the main sales channel, quality has become the main standard to test whether Lock brands can gain a firm foothold in the market. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and it is also the foundation of whether the products can stand firm in the market. According to the insiders, locks belong to labor-intensive industries. At present, the specialized production level of locks in our country is not high enough, resulting in a low entry threshold for the industry, generally, the investment is more than 100,000 yuan. Contact several processing plants and call several more workers to carry out production. Such products basically belong to the middle and low grade. On 2001, after the appraisal of Wenzhou's five lock Kings, it attracted' In just 8 months, more than 150 small lock factories emerged. The emergence of these small factories has brought hidden dangers to the further improvement of lock quality. At the same time, the backward equipment is also the bottleneck for locks to go high, new and sharp. Foreign lockset production is generally automated or semi-automated, while China basically belongs to'Soil gun soil gun plus people's tooling. Electroplating on the surface of locks is an important symbol of lock quality. If electroplating is a little worse, the price will be a thousand miles away. Although the lock process is almost the same as that of foreign countries, the gap in electroplating treatment has greatly weakened the international competitiveness of Chinese locks. The quality of locks should generally be inspected from the aspects of safety, theft prevention and appearance. At present, there are industry standards for locks such as security doors and automobiles, but the National General lock standards are still being formulated, this also makes the lockset industry lack industry self-discipline, and counterfeit and shoddy products are rampant. Under the current economic influence, security enterprises should continuously innovate in products and technologies, independently develop new products, and ensure the quality of products, win the market with exquisite technology, high-quality products and fast and convenient service. Security enterprises should adapt to the needs of different industries and put forward the most ideal solutions, and design and produce better products according to the characteristics of different use environments, avoid the homogenization of products and vicious price competition currently existing in the security industry, so that enterprises are in a favorable position in the fierce market competition. The impact of the financial crisis on the security industry is confusing. After this stage, the security industry will definitely reshuffle and the demand for security in China will also grow rapidly. Crises often contain opportunities. Under the current economic impact, small and medium-sized enterprises should choose the most suitable new business model as soon as possible to achieve their own breakthroughs. For truly powerful enterprises, this is also the best time to show themselves. I believe that under the influence of various factors, as long as we persist in innovation, pay attention to improving product value and learn to 'when the economy is cold'Winter', Security enterprises will be more mature.
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