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'Black box' smart seconds to unlock? Skynet connected smart locks the measured: security, stability, prevent crack - | NBIoT smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
Net the & # 8221; The little black box & # 8221; Intelligence can be seconds to unlock, cause the attention of many users and concerns. We also received a lot of clients for skynet NB - of the Internet IoT intelligent lock will be & # 8221; The little black box & # 8221; Seconds to open inquiry, for this, we have professional technical detection, seeing is believing! Through actual measurement, the net transfer of 'black box' is unable to decode the skynet connected smart door lock! 01, skynet NB - of the Internet IoT intelligent lock after repeated tests prove not unlock this attack after, skynet intelligence door lock technical engineers of skynet NB again - the first time IoT more smart door locks, repeatedly tested by actual test proved that using the tesla coil to emp attack skynet smart door locks, couldn't open a door to open also won't appear error phenomenon. Further, as the intensity of the electromagnetic attack increasing, under the strong electromagnetic attack, skynet NB - Internet technology IoT intelligence door did not appear any error response, smart door lock always stay locked state. After the test smart door lock all the functions of may continue to normal use. 02, mouth says video to prove it can to give you a more intuitive feel the experimental results, we attach a skynet engineer measured NB - of the Internet IoT intelligence door lock video. Can be seen in the video, the little black box can directly cause frequent black screen to the computer monitor, then use the little black box of skynet NB - respectively IoT intelligent lock lock attack, whether from the front, side, the keyboard area, fingerprint identification area attack, cannot open the skynet interconnected smart lock. Can't be cracked open the lock, can't crash, can use normally after test! 03, skynet interconnected strict grinding products, in line with the national security standard skynet connected smart door lock made electromagnetic shielding design in the structure, the electromagnetic shielding and thick metal plate used, circuit board or a multilayer design, electromagnetic compatibility and the signal integrity all did full consideration, emp attack resistance stronger. 04, security, stability, low power consumption is the aim of the skynet interconnection products skynet interconnection technology is committed to bring good products experience to the user, because of the particularity of door lock products, security, and high quality of the work is what we value most. So skynet connected smart door lock on the design and production through the strict test of industrialization, such as electromagnetic compatibility test, power frequency magnetic field, electrostatic discharge test, high and low temperature test, locks mechanical pry proof test and so on, our strict standard for door lock products in order to let users fully rest assured the safety of the product. 05 high-quality service, innovation, cooperation of the company's goal is to create a company that has complete iot technology, to meet the future billions level all the outbreak of the Internet market. Our cooperation pattern is very flexible and can be customized according to customer demand for the whole system, puts forward the integration solutions or separate for system integration customer provide stable and reliable platform for the intelligent terminal customization, interface customization, to meet the needs of different customers different application scenarios.
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