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Block chain technology application in the field of Internet of things - |

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
In recent years, the development of Internet of projectile is derived a number of new technologies, block chain is one of them. In fact, the block is the essence of a distributed books chain technology, distributed data storage, consensus algorithm, encryption algorithm, point-to-point transmission network and a series of new and high technology combination, to ensure the data cannot be tampered with, permanent preservation, for the data security protection is of great significance under the information age. At the same time, the characteristics of block chain technology implements the penetrability of the business, can be between different partners, to establish a trust mechanism in distributed, for different industries, different mode, different function of the project or product function upgrading and extension, a wide range of application. Internet rapid development and bring a lot of intelligent equipment and data access of the boom, but later said, information age of the Internet also provides the information fraud, privacy 'stage'. At the same time, along with access to equipment and information is becoming more and more management cost also increase gradually, the operators and service providers to bring huge cost pressure. And the existence of block chain happened to solve these problems, block chain can not only ensure the safety of the Internet of things can, flexible scalability and efficient. But also can bring cost reduction, is the development of the Internet of things for the future play a great role in promoting. Block to industry chain changes: healthcare, block the main chain is applied to the preservation of your medical records, electronic medical records of the chain can be understood as a block. The hands of the medical record is currently in hospital, patients themselves do not grasp, so there was no way to get their own patients medical records and history? Just like a bank account can't see the track record, treatment can cause problems for the future. But if you can now use the block chain technology to save, have personal medical history data, see the future or to his own health plan has the data available, and it is the real master data patients themselves, rather than a hospital or a third party. In addition, these data have very strong privacy, using block chain technology is also helping to protect the patient's privacy. Shenzhen skynet interconnection technology co. , LTD. Has developed based on the technique of block chain intelligence door lock, and will use NB - door lock IoT links to the Internet, through the block chain intelligence to control its contract. Control lock administrator can distribute one or more private key, and the private key of complex customization, set the private key when enabled, concrete when closed, etc. In this way, the sharing economy can be further decentralization, will be anything that can be locked up leasing, share and sell easily. Skynet smart door lock and chain blocks in essence, the purpose is the same. One is to defend the family life and property safety, and the other one is to protect the safety of the user data virtual property. Skynet smart door lock can be NB - IoT protocol connected to the Internet and all kinds of cloud platform, provide hardware and software support for the intelligent lock chain. Housing through block smart door lock on the chain, became the intelligence assets, realize the allocation and transfer of freedom between different users.
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