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Bolt the door how to install indoor door lock factory tell you

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-05
Bolt the door is a kind of relatively old indoor door lock, common is installed on the door, or bedroom space, bolt locks in domestic has continue from ancient to now, most are installed on the wooden door, the door lock, relative to other kinds of door lock installation method is more simple, easy to operate. Under the interior door lock factory staff attention to detail about bolt the door installation.     Bolt the door installation: & emsp;   Bolt lock consists of two parts: the activities of the inserted bar and fixed ring, the two together to form the common bolt locks, by putting a bolt is inserted inside the ring, a fixed ring, can prevent the door was open, so has certain ability of guard against theft.     Installation process: first use the tape measure and pencil measure the door lock in the door lock is suitable for the position, and use a pencil will be designated place, then use the punching machine in the wooden door opening, then according to the size of the measuring rod inserted with screw will be fixed to the wooden door, the last insert insert ring into the pole, fixed by screw again can.     What need reminds is, now on the market of the common bolt lock size is in commonly 80 mm - Between 320 mm, the main material: stainless steel, aluminium, before buying bolt locks, good need to the size of the wooden door, so as not to waste his time.     Along with the progress of the life, the bolt lock is now to be being washed out gradually, this kind of lock more will appear on the window, used to fixed Windows, indoor door lock is common: one lock and hold the hand lock, the two door lock anti-theft ability and appearance are better than that of bolt locks.
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