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Brand's flagship store in fujian dragon high-profile open 'new age' in copper

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-19

On April 29, 2010, Fuyu copper household flagship store in ten mile river of fujian dragon wood headquarters for the opening. Learned, Fuyu flagship store covers an area of 220 square meters, is obtained and the retail area is divided into two parts, is the size of the currently fujian dragon wood headquarters, decorate the most luxurious of the hardware store. It is understood that, as the representative of the domestic hardware Fuyu adheres to the humanized design for this, constantly to develop care technology, combines the aesthetic elements of classical art and continuous provide global consumer ding level delicate household hardware products. Huge market prospects in the past, high-grade metal household hardware products in the Chinese market does not concern, in the whole of domestic outfit link is very easy to be ignored, the effect is very big, but the status is not high, became a hardware products enterprises. With the high-speed development of the real estate industry, people's living standards improved, has higher requirement on the live environment, decorating taste rise, the detail place more and more attention, makes people to look less visible effect was very big hardware products is more and more attention. Fuyu household wei-min wu, general manager of copper after accepting sohu home in an interview, the understanding of hardware products has risen to an aesthetic level, this will trigger a hardware company to product innovation and innovation. From the point of the present development of metal furniture, metal household products can be divided into including three levels. And high-grade metal household market share will gradually expand, the future prospects will be optimistic, and have low grade of metal household will eventually. Hardware products more and more like works of art at present, various industries are in the pursuit of innovation, for hardware industry, hardware product design changes are more and more. In today's products tend to homogeneity, hardware products with more innovative design, more humanized functions, more stylish appearance, from door handles to towel rack; From the soap box to the toilet brush, the hardware of more and more like works of art, a mixture of the unique aesthetic feeling, fine workmanship, closely linked with the change of household style. Low-carbon life is not a must rely on high-tech in today's low carbon concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, household enterprises in the practice of low carbon in the form of different declaration. Fuyu, as a representative of the hardware of the enterprise during the period of flagship store opening, also to undertake the 'new era' in copper interior design BBS, and this opportunity together hundreds of designer launched a 'low carbon life, starts from me' green initiative. And according to the scene and designers to discuss, agree that has become the mainstream of the design industry development trend of green environmental protection, and energy conservation and environmental protection low carbon life doesn't have to rely on high-tech products to support; Understanding, and looking for the most common materials and research and development of new features and new usage, and low carbon life forms.                                

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