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Break into war! Strong smart locks become smart home entrance - | NBIoT intelligent networking lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
On October 10, 2018 China international lock security door products exhibition at the national convention center ( Shanghai) The opening. The exhibition attracted a lot of smart locks enterprises exhibitors, caused the attention of practitioners both at home and abroad. And at the same time hold the '2018 China smart door lock ( Shanghai) Summit ', as the Internet of things is rising as national strategy, focusing on intelligent household applications frequently appear in the central and local policy. The party central committee and the State Council recently issued 'about perfecting the management system, promote consumption further stimulate consumer potential of several opinions explicitly proposed the key development to adapt to the consumer to upgrade the wisdom of the family of products. Smart door lock as the entrance to the three advantages of intelligent door lock as an important member of wisdom of household products, 'run' the family entrance wisdom, and has three significant advantages! 1, the application of foreign for domestic development laid a solid foundation in the 90 s, the United States, Italy, Germany, Korea and other countries the microelectronics technology and communication technology rapid development, laid the foundation for the development of intelligent door locks, combination lock to the practical stage. 2, products from single to diversified development with the development of the biometric identification technology and bluetooth technology. Based on the biometric identification technology of intelligent locks began to emerge. Combination lock, IC card lock, iot, biometric lock lock as a person. 3, more players into the bureau, the brand operation become mainstream, Katie shi, rop asia-pacific day buck, seashells, wrigley traditional locks are transformation. Graceful, juli, innovative Internet companies such as better health. Shenzhen skynet interconnection technology, m home, YunDing, star fruit, supremo, advantages of science and technology rising star. Demand to promote the market's rapid outbreak Wang Menghui minister of housing and urban-rural development on two sessions 'minister channel' said, we will accelerate the establishment of a multi-agent, multi-channel support, hire purchase and supply system, including: develop the housing rental market, promote the building of public rental housing, etc. Rent the apartment industry developing rapidly, the rental market overall demand growth, rental prices rising, conveniently, long rent apartment operator I love my family, freely, eggshell, elephants, high-end decorating, tenant management, etc. , all blew up demand for smart door lock.
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