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Building expo on grand | again lead copper art sets of new antibacterial household fashion

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-18

In July, a life and youth are growing in all things, Fuyu in the 21st session of China ( Guangzhou) International building decoration fair ( Hereinafter referred to as 'building fair') 。 Building expo in China import and export fair pazhou hall. After 20 years of development of Chinese building expo ( Guangzhou) , has become everyone in the building industry on A global scale the first exhibition, the exhibitors are work hard, through the latest products and wonderful program form, attracting A large number of merchants and the audience, which is located in hall 6 A. 1 - 32 booth Fuyu copper art exhibition 'copper skill sets of antibacterial decoration hardware' theme exhibition, exhibition hall sentiment, consulting the endless stream of stream of people, is a shining star in the venue. On its popularity kokomo Fuyu as complete sets of hardware industry leading brand in China, has been the subject industry enterprises to study and pursue, in the exhibition meeting every appearance can bring shock and costly sense, become the focus of attention. To enter A 6. 1 area at a glance will be Fuyu's European design image of the pavilion, in order to create realistic life scenes, let everyone come to the booth merchants can intuitively feel 'wysiwyg' household life space, viewed from the outside, the pavilion integral space is divided into multiple experience area ( Chinese complete hardware area, European complete hardware area, light and decoration complete hardware area, smart home area) , every experience area are reflected in different styles and visual effects, from the design aesthetics, function and so on multi-dimensional present Fuyu for high-end new definition of life. Blockbuster suction eye countless the exhibition Fuyu blockbuster launched a new generation of fully automatic antibacterial intelligent lock series products and the European copper art intelligent lock series products, fully automatic antibacterial intelligent lock not only have the automatic lock body, there is a grain start identification technology, antibacterial coating protective film technology, improve on the overall product safety, health, at the same time with new exquisite manufacturing technology and the appearance of the fashion and contracted design style, jing is colourful. City partners and win-win future Fuyu has past 22 years, beginning in 1997, developed to today's powerful and influential, by one step at a time of pragmatic and each product's importance. This exhibition products with 'copper skill sets of antibacterial decoration hardware' as the core competitive advantage, with professional marketing team, strong brand, has attracted the attention of a large number of merchants, there have been clients of Fuyu brand recognition and praise, and to understand. Under the patient explanation and detailed explanation of the staff, to carry out the first day, the scene lively discussion atmosphere to grow, both inside and outside the pavilion are packed, once again showed the brand of Fuyu great charm.                                

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