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Buy smart lock don't showed

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-05

Intelligent lock can be said to be the smart home a classification of the ground more quickly. Intelligent lock for its advantages such as convenient, security bring convenience to our life, has also changed the previous way of life. Intelligent lock price war also accelerated over the past two years, of course, the popularity of the smart lock, but want to remind everybody is, here to buy smart lock, cannot blindly covet is cheap, safe is the factors we should first consider. 1. Product quality: a penny a penny. By the business for many years, consumers the baptism of the user, regardless of the enterprise how to improve the cost-effective, should be able to draw this conclusion, but the quality low-priced products are usually accompanied by risks. The current technology is not advanced technology used in the intelligent lock, fingerprint identification and password identification technology is relatively mature. However, in the black box after the incident, consumers still mistrust of intelligent lock. At present, the technology of the intelligent lock not only need to pay attention to characteristics such as face recognition and identification, also need to strengthen security protection, material, structure, and the strength of the lock lock, etc, in order to improve the overall security. Intelligent lock. 2. Functional attributes: of course, it refers to the security. As a family and home security property the first line of defense, consumers are willing to buy at a low price security products, are willing to spend a little money and rest assured, perhaps, a low-cost intelligent lock company focus on sales, but I did not see the basic human nature. IResearch in 'smart door lock consumer insight and opportunity analysis', according to data of not to buy 58 intelligent lock. 4% worried about quality is not stable, and 50. 3% of people worried about intelligent system. 84. 2% of people think it is safe. Low prices often lead to mistrust of the security. So cheap although intelligent lock can enhance the consumption of consumers about the product experience, but want to better popularization, will still focus on the security of smart lock.
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