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Buy wood door lock which aspects - should be considered Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-31
Wooden door just as its name implies is to point to install on the wooden door lock, and door stopper, hinge, hinge, such as combinations of hardware fittings, widely appeared in the bedroom door, study door, office, hotel door each scene, such as wooden door lock can not only protect individual privacy, but also a very good adornment, realize the modern technology brought different aesthetic feeling.     Wooden door lock in the decoration of interior space at the same time, also give us to create a good rest environment, some high-grade wooden door lock in antibacterial, mute, etc, to protect our health at home. Say so many advantages of wooden door, so you know what aspects should be considered to buy wood door lock? Below we together and see it.     Buy wood door lock should consider aspects: & emsp;   1, combined with the actual demand & emsp;   From the point of view of wooden door lock manufacturers, different characteristics of wood door lock is suitable for different groups, such as: durable, oxidation resistance, high hardness, design is rich, mute, bacteria resistance, cheap, and so on different labels are wooden door lock, like this label has a lot of, so, choose wood door lock need to combine their actual demand. Need to buy brand products, high-grade wooden door lock want to use the service life is long, suggest to choose stainless steel wood door lock and so on.     2, consider wooden door supporting & emsp;   Wooden door lock as the product of form a complete set of wooden door, need to undertake choosing according to wooden door, under normal circumstances, when wooden door installation golden red series wood door lock, white is suitable for dumb dark dark wooden door and door lock, color green bronze, yellow bronze color wood door lock is more collocation; Wood door lock is not alone, should be matched with wooden door selection, the overall effect and harmonious nature.     3, consider the use environment & emsp;   Before buying wooden door lock, first determine to install in any environment. Indoor environment according to different humidity can be divided into: bathroom, toilet, kitchen. The study, corridor, the bedroom two kinds big. In humid conditions, suitable for select stainless steel wood door lock, it is not easy to rust, oxidation, longer service life; Choose for the bedroom, it is suggested that zinc alloy material of wood door lock, chic modelling, color is complete, beautiful appearance.     The above is to buy should pay attention to some parts of the wooden door lock, hope can help you, buy the right wooden door lock.
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