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Buying large lock which need to be paid attention to - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-15
Rise along with the advance of urbanization, real estate, promote the vigorous development of the upstream and downstream industry, the door as the necessary hardware products of the project, the home security in the city plays a positive role, the project need to lock the number is larger, bulk purchase lock need to pay attention to what issues? Fu yu hardware below small make up made detailed introduction.     Buying large lock note: & emsp;   1, use material & emsp;   As engineering on the use of lock, use for many years is the basic requirement, so, stainless steel, zinc alloy material of the lock is very popular, because these two kinds of material of the lock used normally 7, 8 years or even 10 years is very normal, more in line with the actual demand of buying door lock.     2, pay attention to the manufacturer & emsp;   Under normal circumstances, a good lock manufacturers will have a good production technology and production technology, production of door the quality will be better, in the case of market prices generally low, choose market reputation good, normal manufacturer production room door lock, to safeguard their own interests.     3, pay attention to lock design, style & emsp;   Bulk purchase of lock is often used on the same project, so we in the choice, must consider what is suitable for the whole project design, selection of lock differ with decorate a style is not too large, or late to present the effect will be poor, damage to the image of the project.     4, pay attention to the budget & emsp;   Generally speaking, the bulk purchase items have budget constraints, buy room door lock is also a reason. So, pay attention to the choice of lock have quantity and price over budget, can be lower than the actual budget, must not exceed the budget.     5, pay attention to lock the unit price & emsp;   When selecting a door to consider the unit price is reasonable, is there any preferential, is lower than market price, must choose good and cheap products, of course, is not to buy bargain, so as not to do more harm than good.     If it is need to bulk purchase the door, you can from the above several comprehensive consideration, bulk purchase must be very careful, you can find several room door lock manufacturers various contrast, preferred choice.
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