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Can a thief open the fingerprint lock? Please keep this fingerprint lock purchase guide

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-04
In recent years, with the media exposure of various burglaries and the publicity of the Ministry of Public Security, more and more household heads attach importance to home security. Upgrade from the previous traditional door lock to a fingerprint door lock with good anti-theft performance and more convenient. Fingerprint locks are the new favorites of modern homes, and there are still many users who don’t know much about fingerprint locks. Many new users worry about whether the fingerprint lock is really that good before buying a fingerprint lock. Is there a guarantee in terms of safety performance? Can a thief easily open the fingerprint lock through technical means? What is the difference between fingerprint lock and traditional mechanical lock? The biggest difference between the fingerprint lock and the traditional mechanical lock is that the fingerprint lock is more convenient, because the fingerprint lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, password, IC card induction, etc., bid farewell to the traditional single key unlocking, also known as a kind of smart lock. The fingerprint lock is an improvement on the traditional mechanical lock, and it is a more intelligent and convenient lock in terms of user safety, identification and management. The first reason why many users choose fingerprint locks is that they value the convenience of fingerprint locks. In terms of security, neither traditional mechanical locks nor fingerprint locks are absolutely secure. Anti-unlocking and unlocking technologies are like spears and shields, both of which are constantly progressing and developing. Therefore, for professional locksmiths, there is no lock in the world that cannot be opened, as long as enough time is given. But generally speaking, fingerprint locks are safer than traditional mechanical locks in terms of security performance. The safety of the door lock is not safe, mainly depends on the lock cylinder. At present, most of the lock cylinders used in traditional mechanical locks are A-level lock cylinders and B-level lock cylinders. The fingerprint lock should at least be required to use a level B lock cylinder or higher according to the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security. At present, the lock cylinders used by most fingerprint lock manufacturers are super B or C level lock cylinders. From the perspective of the lock cylinder, the safety performance of the fingerprint lock will be better. Of course, it ultimately depends on the quality of the fingerprint lock brand you buy. Secondly, in terms of fingerprint unlocking, because fingerprints are unique. The fingerprint lock uses biometric technology, which uses certain physiological or behavioral characteristics of the human body to identify identity, and has the characteristics of irreplaceability, inability to be copied, and uniqueness. Fingerprint replication technology is difficult to achieve in the real society. Therefore, most fingerprint locks currently use fingerprints to unlock the lock, and the security is still very high, and it is not so easy to be copied by others through means such as silica gel and fingerprint stickers. In particular, the use of semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology, the security performance will be higher. Finally, in addition to adopting a lock core with better anti-theft performance, the fingerprint lock also has intelligent derivative security functions. General fingerprint locks have anti-theft and anti-pry alarm functions, which can scare away certain thieves from entering the house. Tips for buying fingerprint locks: Most of the fingerprint locks on the market now have similar functions, so it is difficult for laymen to choose a suitable fingerprint lock, and many consumers have reported that fingerprint locks have encountered various malfunctions after they bought them home. For example, fingerprint recognition is not sensitive, the door is locked out, the manufacturer does not provide after-sales installation, and the after-sales is not timely. The purchase opinions in this article are of reference significance only for household fingerprint locks: 1. The quality is better, try to choose a professional fingerprint lock manufacturer, and the lifespan can reach more than 6 years. Fingerprint locks are different from other household appliances. If they are broken, you can wait a few days before repairing them. The door locks must be used every day. Once broken, ordinary locksmiths may not be able to repair them. Choose a professional fingerprint lock manufacturer ( Door lock hardware has at least 5 years of production experience) The quality is relatively guaranteed. Professional fingerprint lock manufacturers generally have special testing procedures before they leave the factory, but some small brands basically do not. For example, imported brands include Yale, a century-old brand, and domestically produced Fuyu Hardware, with 30 years of door lock manufacturing experience. Both of their fingerprint locks have won the trust of consumers for their quality. 2. The fingerprint recognition response needs to be fast. Choose semiconductor fingerprint recognition and fingerprint unlocking is used every day. The reason why everyone buys a fingerprint lock is also for convenience, so it is best to pay more attention to the manufacturer’s fingerprint recognition technology before buying. Generally speaking Semiconductor fingerprint recognition has faster response and higher sensitivity than optical recognition. Of course, the quality of semiconductor fingerprint identification is different from different manufacturers, so try to choose the upper price, not cheap. 3. Support password unlocking and card unlocking. Support remotely sending password unlocking. For example, it is very convenient for people such as relatives and friends to visit and cleaning staff to set temporary passwords. IC card unlocking and smart bracelet unlocking are convenient for the elderly and children. 4. You can check the daily entry and exit records of the family through your mobile phone, and the child can go home after school and supervise whether the child goes home on time. If your parents are older, you can check the time of entry and exit of your parents to ensure safety and peace of mind. 5. Try to choose fingerprint lock manufacturers that buy locally or have many after-sales service outlets. After-sales is a very important part of fingerprint locks. Therefore, it is important to choose fingerprint lock brands with professional after-sales service.
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