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Car key technology

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
At present, all cars use the same starting mode - by turning on the ignition switch to start the motor, and then start the engine. But the way to control the switch is different according to the different models. Most of them adopt the traditional way of inserting the key, and turn on the power in turn to start the vehicle, and the key itself is also used to open the door. With the central control door lock becoming the standard equipment of all models in China, most models begin to take the key with integrated remote control function as the standard configuration. And for the need of anti-theft, these keys are integrated with data chips for identity recognition. Even if thieves enter the car by illegal means, they can't start the car just by turning on the ignition, just like 007 or the thieves in the police movies in the early days. As more mid-level and even economic cars begin to use more integrated remote control keys, some luxury cars begin to expand the function of keys, such as Volvo in its concept car SCC to identify the owner by fingerprint. The key of the new Audi A6L just launched in China is equivalent to the technical level of the Audi A8. The trunk and door can be opened inductively. As long as the key is in the car, the engine can be started and shut down through the start and stop buttons on the center console. Of course, the owner who is used to turning the key can continue to enjoy the pleasure of turning the key. In contrast, Toyota's new crown gives up the key socket, directly inserts the rectangular remote key into the square hole on the left side of the steering wheel, and then starts and shuts down the engine through the start button on the right side of the steering wheel. But after shutting down the engine, the author found that the electric windows could not be used, which was somewhat inconvenient, and its spare key was also hidden in the rectangular remote key in a very simple way, which was too simple compared with the model positioning.
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